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Endeavor Insecticide
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The Endeavor Insecticide works rapidly to control aphids and whiteflies across a wide-spectrum of ornamentals. Its unique mode of action performs well in pest management rotational programs and helps quickly stop insect feeding to avoid virus transmission within plants. The solution provides 14 to 21 days of aphid control, and 14 days for whiteflies. Additionally, Endeavor is highly compatible with beneficial insects, making it an ideal tool for integrated crop operation programs. It is certified safe on plants, especially in outdoor production. It can be used in both greenhouse and nursery production on a wide variety of bedding plants and perennials. Comes in a box of 6 envelopes that are 2.5 ounce packets each. Product’s total net weight is 15 ounce.

Endeavor is an insecticide that controls aphids and whiteflies on landscape ornamentals, field-grown ornamentals, container-grown ornamentals, nonbearing fruit and nut trees in nurseries, Christmas trees, ground covers, and ornamental plants in greenhouses, lath- and shade-houses and interiorscapes.

Mode of Action

Endeavor has a mode of action that controls aphids and whiteflies by stopping their feeding activity. These insects stop feeding within hours, but remain on the plant for a short time (2-4 days). Endeavor has residual activity in the plant and will control aphids and whiteflies that move onto the plant after spraying.

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06/04/2017 Dominique from Darien, Ct

QDo I have to re-spray if I sprayed Endeavor Insecticide and it rained an hour later?


The Endeavor Insecticide Label states it is rainfast shortly after application, but not a specific time frame. As long as the product has had time to dry before the rain came through we would not expect you would need to respray.

Endeavor Insecticide Information Sheet

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