Equi-Stop Horse Wood Chewing Repellent


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Equi-Stop Horse Wood Chewing Repellent tube (10 oz.)
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Equi-Stop Horse Wood Chewing Repellent

Formerly Hot RNL, now it is called Equi-Stop! What is Equi-Stop? Equi-Stop is a Food-Grade Mineral Oil (the stuff they use to relieve colic) that has been thickened into grease. We then mix in the stuff that makes Chili Peppers HOT. Equi-Stop is completely natural and completely safe for the horse. It will give the user a little bit of a temporary rash if you come in contact with it so please use it carefully. Simply apply to the areas where the horse are or may chew. A ½ inch bead of the product along the wood is usually enough to stop horses from chewing. For large areas apply a few parallel beads an inch or two apart. Once the product is applied you can leave it as a bead or spread it flat with a putty knife.  Equi-Stop will keep horses from chewing bandages as well. Please remember that the product will remain as grease and as such is easily transferred to humans who may come in contact with the bandage.

Quote from Veternarian Bob Peters, DVM:  "I have applied this product to wood fencing on my farm.  It immediately stopped all fence chewing.  Actually our horses were still not chewing on the fence months later.  In my equine vet practice I have applied it to to the outside of bandages a couple of times now on "bandage chewers."  Same result.....flat stopped them immediately.  This is even more impressive since I have tried grocery store hot sauce products in the past with no effect at all."

Directions for Use Equi-Stop is easy to use and apply. Cut the tip off and place the cartridge in a caulking gun. Squeeze a bead of on the area where horses are chewing or may chew in the future. Leave as a bead or spread it around. Equi-Stop is grease and will soak into bare wood and last a year or more. One taste and the horses will no longer chew the wood where it has been applied. If the wood is painted Equi-Stop will stay on the surface for a long time so use caution to keep people away. The product will not harm them but may give them a startle if they come in contact with the product unaware. Equi-Stop is not water-soluble but will wash off with soap and water.

Application Cautions Wear gloves when using Equi-Stop. The mineral oil used in Equi-Stop is similar to what the Vet will use to treat a horse with colic. The Chili’s are very hot and will cause mild reddening of the skin and a burning sensation. Wash off immediately with soap and water or baby wipes.

Use caution when applying Equi-Stop to areas where people may inadvertently come in contact with the product such as fencing where people may climb over or pass through. Keep out of reach of Children and pets.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  It does really work
    By Lj in OH on 04/02/2013
    Verified Purchase

    This is easy to use and it does actually really work. My beaver has completely lost interest in chewing anything that I used this on. I am going to order another tube.

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05/14/2013 Denise from Dallas Texas

QIs Equi-Stop Horse Wood Chewing Repellent safe to use to stop fence chewing on a 75 lbs dog?

AEqui-Stop Horse Wood Chewing Repellent is not labeled for use with dogs. We recommend consulting with the manufacturer to verify the usage. Please contact PiGNX at 949-310-6550.

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06/01/2013 Melva from Texas

QCan Equi-Stop Horse Wood Chewing Repellent be applied to live tree to keep horses from eating limbs/leaves

AEqui-Stop Horse Wood Chewing Repellent is made up of mineral oil and capsaicin, so we do not see where it would harm trees. Please contact the manufacturer PIGNX at 949-310-6550 for verification.

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