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Essentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide can(17 oz.)
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Essentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide - Case (6 cans)Essentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide - Case (6 cans) case (6 cans)
This product has been discontinued.
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Essentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide

Essentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide is the newest product in the Essentria line which are made from all natural essential oils.  It is one of our many effective bed bug sprays. This means the Essentria line is not only effective, but very safe for you and your family.  Essentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide a convenient, ready to use, 17 ounce aerosol can.   You can use this product on mattresses, box springs, head boards, luggage, walls, floors, baseboards, furniture, and just about anywhere protection is required. Best of all Essentria Broadcast insecticide will also kill all stages of bed bugs including their eggs.  The product is also labeled for fleas and dust mites.

This product used to be sold and marketed under the Envincio brand name.

How Essentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide Works

Essentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide is an aerosol (pressurized) insecticide that kills target pests on contact. The botanical active ingredients include rosemary oil, peppermint oil, and 1-Phenethyl Propionate, a derivative of peanut oil (it does not contain the enzyme that triggers peanut allergies). These all-natural ingredients act as octopamine blockers on target pests, disrupting the neurotransmitter function in target insects and causing a breakdown in the insects’ central nervous system. Because mammals, birds, and fish do not have receptors for octopamine, botanical oils are very safe to use in a variety of situations without adverse effects.

Target Pests

Bed Bugs


Target Uses

Essentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide is an ideal tool for bed bug treatments in sensitive accounts where minimum risk pesticides are needed. Essentria aerosol kills bed bugs quickly and prevents bed bug eggs from hatching. Essentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide can be applied to mattresses, box springs, carpets, rugs, and many other surfaces for treatment of bed bugs, dust mites, and fleas. Use Essentria in combination with longer residual products for bed bug treatments. Essentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide will have a residual for up to about 3 weeks, but there is no minimum wait between applications.

Essentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide is FIFRA 25(b) exempt and National Organics Program (NOP) compliant, meaning it can be used in practically any indoor treatment for target pests.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 2-Phenethyl Propionate 3.00%, Rosemary Oil 1.50%, Peppermint Oil 1.50%

Application Instructions

Shake well before using. Pre-treat areas as indicated for target pest application. Spray surfaces until damp. Avoid over-wetting or saturating carpets/rugs. Only complete and proper applications will be effective. See below for details. Always read the product label completely before use.

Yield of each 17 ounce can of Essentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide will vary greatly with each user and application. Most people use one can per room for bed bug treatments.

For use in the following areas:

For mattresses, carpets, and furniture (This product is exempt under FIFRA for registration in specific use sites)


BED BUG TREATMENTS: For best results, vacuum infested room(s) thoroughly including mattress, foundation/box springs and upholstered furniture before using this product. Vacuum the carpet/rugs/flooring, especially where the carpeting/flooring meets wall near the head of the bed. Take vacuum cleaner bag to the outdoor trash immediately. For mattress applications, remove all bedding and wash in hot water. Remove the mattress and box spring from the bed. Hold can 6 inches from mattress and spray across all folds, tufts, seams and edging until damp. Also spray the seams and underside of the box spring. Allow mattress and box springs to dry completely before placing back on bed and putting on bedding. Repeat as necessary. For carpet/rug applications, hold can 2 feet from floor and spray carpet/rug using a smooth back and forth sweeping motion. Focus on areas where bed bugs may hide or rest, especially adjacent and under the bed. Spray until damp. Allow to dry completely and vacuum again. Repeat as necessary. Most effective results are achieved when used as part of a treatment protocol that includes physical, environmental, and other chemical pest control measures.

FLEA TREATMENTS: For flea infestations, using a sweeping motion, apply a light, uniform spray to all surfaces of furniture, rugs, carpets, drapes, and around all pet resting areas. Avoid thoroughly wetting surfaces. Mist treated areas only until “slightly damp.” Do not over-treat. Reapply in 14 days, if necessary.

DUST MITE TREATMENTS: Thoroughly vacuum entire room concentrating on areas where mites congregate, such as mattresses, box springs, headboards, walls, floors, carpeting and baseboards. Spray surfaces until damp.


Essentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide is not intended for outdoor use.

Essentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide Features

  • Fast knockdown and kill of adult bed bugs, fleas, dust mites and their eggs
  • Unique mode of action controls pyrethroid resistant strains
  • An excellent choice for sensitive accounts and interior applications for residential and commercial accounts
  • National Organics Program (NOP) compliant 

Extra Tips

  • Always shake well before using.
  • Store in a cool, dry area away from heat and open flame. Do not use or store in temperatures above 130 degrees F.
  • Not recommended as the sole protection against bed bug infestations.
  • While staining is unlikely, it is recommended to test for staining on an inconspicuous area of all surfaces to be sprayed before using. Wipe away excess product on furniture immediately after application.
  • Hard surfaces may be slippery after application.    

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    4 of 5 stars  A tool in your arsenal...
    By Erica in Bound Brook, NJ on 11/05/2011
    Verified Purchase

    My bed bug problem seems to be contained now. (Dare I hope eliminated? Only time will tell. No bites or bug sightings in the bedroom for two weeks and only one bite a week ago on my couch- which has since been retreated.) As this product uses essential oils, you should expect it to be two things: oily and strong smelling. However, neither of these things were really a problem, nor would they keep me from using it again. The smell is not necessarily unpleasant, but it is strong enough to be bothersome initially if the area is not well ventilated. After treatment, the scent does hang around -somewhat like if you left a scented candle or a plug-in room scent going all the time. I used this product along my baseboards, on the feet of my bed, and to treat the mattress inside my couch. On the rest of the couch I used steam as I wanted to somewhat mitigate the smell. This product will leave an oily residue along the baseboards/floor wherever it is sprayed. This is how the product continues to work, so it's not a problem, but be aware that oil on wood floors is slippery, so keep it as close to the baseboards as possible. I did use it once on the area rug and it did not have any negative effect on it, nor was the residue noticeable there when sprayed lightly as directed and given time to dry. I found this product useful as one of the tools in my arsenal against bed bugs. Remember, no one product will be your silver bullet, and there is no substitute for thorough inspection, cleaning, vacuuming, washing/drying, and bagging (of treated items only unless you plan on waiting 18 months!). I plan to continue treating my baseboards to help prevent re-infestation from neighboring apartments (whose tenants I can only hope are working as hard as I am to eliminate this problem).

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  • 4 of 4 people found this review helpful:

    3 of 5 stars  It works...
    By S.f. in Brooklyn, NY on 10/28/2012
    Verified Purchase

    It works for all intents and purposes. But if you find the nest and you spray it be sure to use a paper to grab and kill them. The spray works to kill them but it takes a could seconds and personally I would try and be doubly sure that they're dead. Also the smell is extremely strong and lingers for a couple days. As always any treatment needs more than one session and using more than one kind of treatment is best (ie. spray and dust).

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  • 3 of 5 people found this review helpful:

    1 of 5 stars  Beware
    By Stuart in Bridgeport, Ct. on 07/18/2012

    Perhaps the product has not yet been given a fair chance to work. However, the couch has been sprayed several times with no noticeable impact. No, others should choose a different product as will I soon.

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  • 3 of 4 people found this review helpful:

    4 of 5 stars  Essentria Bed Bug Spray
    By Melodie in Kitty Hawk,NC on 09/29/2012
    Verified Purchase

    I used the spray on all the things in the room and haven't seen any bugs since. Works well but has a strong smell.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Dust Mite Control
    By Carey in Bradenton,Fl on 06/01/2016

    This Product did the Job on Dust Mites but the odor is somewhat strong for about 3 to 4 days.

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09/06/2012 Lynn from Sioux City, Iowa

QIs this product harmful to cats?
Is this product harmful to cats when sprayed around baseboards lightly and also we want a product my maintenance staff can spray on their shoes when entering units just in case they have any while they are walking through a unit...could this be a problem?

AEssentria Bed Bug Broadcast Insecticide should not be a problem for cats as long as the product label is followed. Cats and other pets should be out of the area while the application is being done and they can safely return to the area after the area has dried. You should not let your staff spray their shoes with any pesticide. They can spray their shoes with rubbing alcohol to kill any insects that may have hitched a ride.

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09/23/2011 Nelsy from Providence

QDoes the Essentria Bed Bug product have any residual properties or is it for spot treatment only?

AThe Essentria bed bug Aerosol does leave a residual that typically lasts a few weeks.  You should reapply this product every 14 days when treating for bed bugs.

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