FastPac PowerPack Sprayer FSTP-18-G (gun)


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FastPac PowerPack Sprayer FSTP-18-G (gun) sprayer
We no longer offer this product. Please consider the SHURflo SRS-600 ProPack Rechargeable Backpack Sprayer and the Solo 416 Backpack Battery Sprayer as alternatives.
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FastPac PowerPack Sprayer FSTP-18-G (gun)
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We also carry the FastPac PowerPack FSTP-18-W, which comes with an 18 in. TeeJet 4688 all Brass wand instead of a gun.

FastPac Sprayer Systems, Inc. is quickly becoming the leader in the electric backpack industry.  The FastPac PowerPack Sprayer FSTP-18-G has a tank capacity of 4 gallons and can be comfortably carried with its ergonomically designed frame and padded full shoulder and waist belt harness.  A carrying handle is conveniently built in the screw on lid and the tank.  This electric back pack sprayer comes with nearly 5 ft. of hose which allows flexibility and reach in almost any situation.  The FSTP-18-G model uses an 8 amp battery that produces an amazing 70 psi and a flowrate of 1.2 gallons per minute.  It also has a multi-speed control knob next to the on/off/high switch to help control your flow rate. This incredible amount of pressure in a backpack sprayer allows it to reach up to 35 feet horizontally and 25 feet vertically. Comes with a home/office recharging station and an 8 amp rechargeable battery that will last up to 90 gallons worth of spraying.

The FSTP Sprayer will has the same battery, charger, wand or gun that the now obsolete ESR-18 had but with the new Model XDP-70 Pump with a 3 chamber head for for more reliable, and quieter - smoother, operation; a battery health meter; a tank flush out plug; and bolts securing the battery instead of straps.


Q:   What is the warranty?
A:   FastPac Sprayers are warranted for 1 year against Factory Defects.
Q:   Can I use the FastPac Power Sprayer for Landscape Pesticides and Fertilizers?
A:   YES. The FastPac is designed for ALL kinds of applications and Horticulture is one of them.
Q:   How do I know I am getting what is advertised?
A:   The FastPac Power Sprayer have been field tested since early 2006 and these BackPacks are still going strong today. We stand behind our products.
Q:   A BackPack is heavy when full. Won't it be to heavy on my back?
A:   Believe it or not, the FastPac PowerPack is quit balanced and unlike other Hand Pumped or Electric Backpack's, the Fastpac gets light extremely fast at the rate at which it will spray compared to other backpacks. No added pressure to your back from having to manually "Pump" up the Sprayer.
Q:   How long will the battery last in the FastPac PowerPack Sprayer?
A:   8 amp rechargeable battery that will last up to 90 gallons worth of spraying.
Q:   How long dose it take to charge the FastPac PowerPack Sprayer?
A:   The battery can be recharged in about an hour* from the provided quick charger.
    *1 Hour recharge depends on how drained the battery became.
Q:   What kind of maintenance is needed to the FastPac?
A:   The FastPac is designed to be very low maintenance. This is so you can concentrate more on the job and less on the equipment. Outside of keeping your Battery charged and checking the filter screen, the FastPac is virtually maintenance and worry free.


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