Ferti-Lome Pruning Sealer

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Ferti-Lome Pruning Sealer

Ferti-Lome Pruning Sealer quickly creates a protective seal on freshly pruned plants. The aerosol can provides a quick delivery of the asphalt based product to the pruned limbs and branches. Ferti-Lome Pruning Sealer dries quickly and creates a tough coating to protect the exposed ends of pruned, damaged, or grafted trees and shrubs. Ferti-Lome Pruning Sealer aids in the plant's healing protecting from moisture loss and sap flow. You can also use Ferti-Lome Pruning Sealer to waterproof items like wooden tubs and planting pots.

Shake well before using. Remove protective cap. Spray ends of pruned branches or limbs thoroughly. If limbs or trunks of Trees or Shrubs are injured by mechanical devices, hail or birds, spray the open wound thoroughly at first sign of injury.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To prevent clogging of spray nozzle during storage, can should be inverted and sprayed a few seconds after use.

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07/09/2014 Francis from Stevenson

QIs the color of the Ferti-Lome Pruning Sealer gray like cap, or is black like most pruning sprays?

AThe Ferti-Lome Pruning Sealer MSDS states that the product is black.

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