Fireback Fire Ant Aerosol with Mound Injector

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Fireback Fire Ant Aerosol with Mound Injector can(16 oz.)
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Fireback Fire Ant with Mound Injector - CASE (12 cans)Fireback Fire Ant with Mound Injector - CASE (12 cans) case (12 cans) $119.95Out of Stock!
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Fireback Fire Ant Aerosol with Mound Injector

One Mound Injector is included with each order.  If you order 2 cans, 4 cans, or 1 case, you will get one mound injector.  You can purchase additional mound injectors if you would like extras. 

Fireback Fire Ant Treatment with mound injector is part of the newest formulation from Nisus and their FireBack line of products.  Fireback Fire Ant treatment is an aerosol can that uses a mound injector to penetrate through the dirt mound of a fire ant colony into the deep channels and passageways where the queen and her servants hang out.   The mound injector is a 3 piece metal rod system that you put together and attach to the Fireback Fire Ant aerosol can.  At the end of the injector is a multi-directional tip which allows the product to be dispersed in all directions. Fireback Fire Ant Aerosol will immediately lower the ants body temperatures which disables them, detering escape and movement of the queen. For quick control of known fire ant colonies, Fireback Fire Ant with Mound Injector is your most effective option for quick control.

To kill Fire Ants in their Mounds: DO NOT DISTURB MOUND PRIOR TO TREATMENT. Attach injector rod to can. While spraying, slowly drive rod into mound until resistance is met, which indicates the  bottom of the nest has been reached. Spray for 5 seconds for each 6” diameter mound. For example, an 18” diameter mound would require three separate injections around the mound. All mounds in the vicinity should be treated. For best results treatment should be made in early morning or late evening when ants are least active. Avoid contamination of food and feedstuffs.

The Fireback Fire Ant Aerosol is used as follows:

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