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Flagship 25WG

The Flagship 25WG is an insecticide in a granule form and water dispersible. It has a long lasting residual control and provides quick knockdown to a wide variety of soil and foliar dwelling pests. It is an insecticide that may be applied to the growing media or foliage and will be quickly consumed by plants. The Flagship 25WG controls the insects on contact and through ingestion without interfering with beneficial insects. The Flagship has lower use rate but with extended control for pests like ants, aphids, fungus gnats, leaf beetles, leafminers and others on greenhouse and nursery ornamental plants.

NOTE: 8 oz bottle has been changed to a 2 lb bottle, thus the change in price. 

General Information

Flagship 25WG is a broad-spectrum insecticide that is effective when applied at label rates to the foliage and soil. Flagship 25WG is active against many sucking and chewing insect pests by contact and ingestion.

Flagship 25WG is relatively short-lived on the surface of plant foliage, readily absorbed into plant tissues, and rainfast once it has dried. The rapid translaminar absorption and distribution within leaves provides excellent knockdown and residual control of foliar feeding insects.

In the soil, the active ingredient in Flagship 25WG will control soil pests upon contact or ingestion and is also readily taken up by plant roots. The active ingredient moves upwards in the plant to the site of pest infestation. Through feeding on the plant, pests are exposed to the active ingredient in Flagship 25WG. Feeding will stop within minutes to hours of exposure, followed by death of the pest. The moderate persistence of Flagship 25WG in the soil and foliage also provides residual control of labeled pests.

Application Guidelines:

Foliar Spray:

Foliar applications must be made with adequate water volume to achieve thorough and uniform coverage without excessive runoff. On hard-to-wet plants, a spray adjuvant may be used to improve wetting of the foliage. However, spray adjuvants that may bind Flagship 25WG to the leaf surface, limiting its absorption into the foliage, should be avoided. Flagship 25WG is easily tank mixed and can be applied in a range of spray volumes.


Flagship 25WG can be applied to soil using banded or drench applications. Apply Flagship 25WG in a sufficient volume of water to move it into the plant’s root zone, and irrigate so the material moves throughout the root zone or where the pests are located. As a drench, Flagship 25WG provides many weeks of extended protection and is an excellent partner in IPM programs. Use higher rates as described on the label for more challenging pests and longer residual control.

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Flagship 25WG
Flagship 25WG