Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide

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Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide

Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide works quickly to control a wide range of mites on ornamentals in landscapes, nurseries, shadehouses, greenhouses, interiorscapes, and fields. Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide is a suspended concentrate of Bifenazate providing fast knockdown and long lasting residual control up to three weeks. Use Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide as part of your resistance management programs and IPM because it is easy on beneficial insects and predacious mites.

Use adjuvants to help control large populations but remember to test for plant safety before you apply. Also, pay attention to tank mix pH as Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide breaks down quickly in alkaline water.


FLORAMITE SC is a selective miticide for the control of a variety of mite pests on the following plants:

  • All ornamental plants, including bedding plants, flowering plants, foliage plants, bulb crops, perennials, trees and shrubs.
  • All non-bearing fruit trees which will not bear fruit for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Greenhouse tomatoes.

Except for applications to tomatoes, which is restricted to use in greenhouses only, FLORAMITE SC can be used in the following areas where these plants are grown and/or maintained in containers or in the ground:

  • Greenhouses and shadehouses
  • Nurseries, including Christmas tree/conifer plantations
  • Landscapes
  • Interiorscapes
  • Residences
  • Public, commercial, industrial and institutional areas
  • Recreational sites, such as campgrounds, golf courses, parks and athletic fields
  • Rights of way and other easements

When used as directed and applied to the foliage, FLORAMITE SC provides quick knockdown through contact activity, and long residual control. Due to its carbazate chemistry, mode of action and selective nature, FLORAMITE SC is relatively inactive against beneficial / predacious mites and insects, and FLORAMITE SC therefore is compatible with IPM and resistance management programs.

FLORAMITE SC is not systemic in action; therefore complete coverage of both upper and lower leaf surfaces and of fruit is necessary for effective control.

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06/16/2014 Mark from Daly City Ca 94015

QDoes Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide kill dust mites?

AFloramite SC Ornamental Miticide is not labeled to treat dust mites and is for treating mites that infest ornamentals in landscapes, nurseries, shadehouses, greenhouses, interiorscapes, and fields.  Please take a moment to read over our article on Dust Mite Control for the best advice.

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07/17/2014 Darla from Newman Lake , Wa

QCan Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide be used two weeks before harvesting?
Does it need to be sprayed off?

AFloramite SC Ornamental Miticide should be applied as directed on the product label. We will be able to provide additional information once we know more about what you are treating for and what the product will be applied on.

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