Fly Traps

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Catchmaster SilenTrap Flying Insect Trap (906)
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This insect light trap is a freestanding unit and it offers effective solution to your fly control problems.

Revenge The Mini Reel Kit Fly Tape #12281
4.5 out of 5 stars (3)
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Special non drying glue on a reel with 81 feet.

Flylite Bulb Shatterproof 40W 48 inch
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Classic insect attractant lamp with shattercatch coating.

Gilbert 601T The Don Light Trap
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A highly-effective electrocuter that will provide a great solution to your fly control problems.

JT Eaton Stick- A-Fly Fly Traps
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A non-poisonous sticky trap that will provide an effective solution to your fly control problem.

Trappit Fly Bag
Multiple sizes available
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Trappit Fly Bag contains integrated water-soluble fly attractant for effective fly control.

Revenge JUMBO Fly Catchers
1 out of 5 stars (1)
Multiple sizes available
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The Big fly catcher ribbon

D - Sect White IPM Station - Single
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A discreet and tamper resistant bait station for baiting, monitoring, trapping and eliminating any crawling insect and some flying insects.

Gilbert 747GT Sticky Bear
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The largest and most powerful glueboard light trap that can be used in any area where flies and other insects are present.

GreenWay Window Fly Traps
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GreenWay Window Fly Trap is an excellent non-toxic way to get rid of the unwanted flies in your house.

Dynatrap Indoor Insect Trap with Optional Wall Mount (DT0500IN)
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An indoor insect trap that can be wall mounted to effectively eliminate moths and other household flying insects.

Mantis Uplight Sconce
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A fly light trap which is disguised as a wall sconce that effectively and discreetly controls flying insects.

Dynatrap Replacement 4 Watt UV Fluorescent Bulbs (31050)
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4 watt UV fluorescent replacement bulbs for Dynatrap models DT1000 (110v version older model) and DT500IN.

Stake for FBS-1 Fly Bait Station
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A durable stake for FBS-1 Fly Bait Station.

VectorFog T10 UV Fly Trap
1 out of 5 stars (1)
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Less noisy and cleaner than conventional ultraviolet zappers.

Custom Glueboard for D - Sect Station - single
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Used for professional monitoring of large number of insect pests for D Sect Stations

Monterey Indoor Fly Trap (4 pack)
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A sticky trap that will effectively catch house flies, cluster flies, blow flies, and garbage flies.

Revenge Fly Catchers
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A non-toxic catcher in form of ribbon strips targeting flies of different kinds.

In Ground Hanger for the Advantage Fly Trap
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In Ground Hanger for the Advantage Fly Trap

Vector Fog Fly Trap - T21
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Vector Fog Fly Trap - T21 is a powerful glue trap that will provide effective solution for your fly control needs

Vector T12 UV Fly Trap
5 out of 5 stars (1)
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Portable mosquito trap that is ideal for use in gardens, balconies and camping trips.

VectorFog T100 Solar Powered Trap
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A very efficient solar powered trap at catching flying insect pests.


The best fly trap should be able to attract flies in a large area and should be able capture the them quickly, without the possibility of escape. The fly traps we carry are professional grade and are proven to be effective. We carry indoor fly traps and outdoor traps to help keep your house area fly-free. 

DIY fly traps are popular and we supply a variety of them that naturally capture and kill flies, without the use of insecticides. Many people attemp to make homemade fly traps, but if you look at the cost of our traps, it really isn't worth the hassle and the ones you buy from us are proven to catch flies.

Some of the fly traps we sell use sticky glue to catch the flies, while others use a one-way trapping method. Our professional grade fly bait can also be used to help bring all the flies into one area. Our fly lights are another great option for attracting and killing flies. 

To view additional options for fly control, please visit our main fly control page.

Flies are one of the biggest annoyances, whether you’re indoors or out. Blow flies, house flies, horse flies, and other flies can be very frustrating to deal with, and flytraps can be a huge part of your pest management arsenal. Knowing what kinds of fly traps are available can help you to monitor, trap, and kill flies in and around your home. 

Trapping Flies

Trapping insects is often used for both monitoring insect activity and minimizing pest populations, and can be used on a wide variety of flying and crawling insects. When trapping flies, it is important to try to take other measures to reduce fly populations first if you have an extreme fly problem, as the traps cannot handle huge populations. This involves cleaning up breeding sites (like garbage piles, manure, etc) and taking exclusion measures like mending screens and door seals. This will give the traps a much better chance of catching all remaining flies.

Types of Fly traps

There are many different types of flytraps available, each working in a different way to capture flies. We sell traps that either trap flies with a sticky surface (rendering them unable to fly away) or traps that lure flies into a one-way container, trapping them inside. Often you can find fly traps that don’t use pesticides and rely on natural substances.
  • Traps with lures: Lures can be sugar or protein-based, or use pheromones, to attract flies to the container. They can involve a liquid, like the Flies Be Gone trap, or a simple container with a small amount of the attractant, like the Advantage trap. There are several styles of this type of trap and it works well for houseflies and blowflies, as well as keeping flies away from pets and children. 
  • Sticky fly traps: Sticky traps come in all shapes and sizes. From fly tape, fly strips, sticks or even old-fashioned fly paper, these kinds of traps can combine attractants with sticky surfaces to lure and trap flies to the trap. The hanging traps that dangle from doorways, etc., are very good for catching houseflies, which tend to land on vertical surfaces most often. These are great as indoor fly traps.

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