FMC Verifi Bed Bug CO2 Booster Pack

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FMC Verifi Bed Bug CO2 Booster Pack booster
This product has been discontinued. Please consider our other Bed Bug Monitors as an alternative.
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FMC Verifi Bed Bug CO2 Booster Pack - CASE (12 boosters)FMC Verifi Bed Bug CO2 Booster Pack - CASE (12 boosters) case (12 boosters) $149.00Out of Stock!
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FMC Verifi Bed Bug CO2 Booster Pack

FMC Verifi Bed Bug CO2 Booster Pack is a replacement part for the FMC Verifi Bed Bug Detector. The FMC Verifi Bed Bug CO2 Booster Pack emits carbon dioxide to make the detector seem as if it is a live person to the bed bugs. The pack works for one day and creates the CO2 through a chemical reaction - no need for batteries or any other power source. The FMC Verifi Bed Bug CO2 Booster Pack starts working as soon as you activate it.

Replacement part for FMC Verifi Bed Bug Detector.

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03/06/2013 Laura from Rochester, Mi

QDo I have to wait 90 days to use the CO2 booster in Verifi?
If the CO2 only lasts for 24 hours, why not go ahead and insert a new CO2 booster in the Verifi unit in the 2nd or 3rd day, rather than waiting for 90 days?


You can insert a CO2 booster as often as you would like. The lures that are the main attractant for the bed bugs in the Verifi unit will last 90 days. The CO2 booster is just that, a boost of attractant to help you either see if there are still bed bugs in a room, or to try and attract them to the unit faster. You can use the booster with the lures on day 1 or day 90 or anywhere in between.

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11/16/2013 Sharon from Concord, Nh

QWhat product do you recommend to get rid of fleas?
I have a dog and cat and now my son and I are getting bit alot. Do you have any products that can help us get rid of this infestation?

APlease review our Flea control page. We recommend using our Indoor Flea Control kit. This kit contains two cans of Alpine Aerosol which is one of the safest professional grade flea sprays for use indoors and was recently classified as a reduced risk product by the EPA. It provides excellent control of fleas and contains an IGR as well, which prevents adult fleas from being able to lay eggs, eventually halting the flea reproductive cycle.  You'll also get two bottles of CimeXa Dust which is a safe, odorless, non-staining dust that is perfect for spreading on carpets, floor coverings, in cabinets, under furniture cushions, and other areas where fleas tend to harbor.  As fleas come into contact with CimeXa, the dust literally dries the fleas out causing eventual death.  These two products together create a powerful double punch providing excellent, safe and lasting indoor flea control.

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