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Monterey Foli-Cal

Monterey Foli-Cal is a natural liquid calcium formula that helps to correct calcium deficiency in tomatoes, peppers, apples, and other crops. Calcium is a key part of a plant’s health, just like in humans. It is essential for good growth and structure and regulating cell and plant functions. Sometimes plants get a deficiency in calcium, which leads to blossom end-rot in tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants, and bitter-pit in apples. Foli-Cal can be used in vegetables, tree, and vine crops.


Foli-Cal is a liquid formulation of calcium for preventing and treating plant physiological disorders associated with calcium deficiency. Some of these are Bitter Pit of apples, Blossom End-rot of tomatoes, peppers and melons; Brown Checking (black heart) of celery; Internal Brown Spot of potato tubers; Cork Spot of pears; Internal Browning of grapes, etc. Foliar sprays of Foli-Cal are intended to complement good soil fertility by supplying nutrients directly to the foliage, roots and fruit of crops during critical growth stages.


Foliar Applications:

Thorough coverage and wetting are needed for optimum foliar spray results. Applications to actively growing pla nts produce the best results. W et the entire plant surface. DO NOT apply to foliage when plants are suffering from moisture or heat stress.

Vegetables & Ornamentals:

Apply 3 fl. oz. in 2 gallons of water at the 10 - 12 true leaf state, then at 14 day intervals as needed.

Trees & Vines:

Apply 6 fl. oz. in 4 gallons of water after fruit set and repeat at 14 day intervals throughout the season.


Apply whenever turf/lawn shows signs of calcium deficiency at 3 fl. oz. in 2 gallons of water and repeat at 14 day intervals as needed.


Apply ½ pint (8 fl. oz) of Foli-Cal in 25 gallons of water.

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12/30/2016 Gary from Marinette, Wi

QCan you mix Monterey Foli-Cal with other chemicals for apple trees?


Since†Monterey Foli-Cal is a fertilizer, there should not be any issues applying it together with another product, unless the product label for the other product prohibits such applications.

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06/28/2013 Kathy from Raleigh, Nc

QIs Foli-Cal a good product to use to help with calcium deficiencies?
I have used the spray that is used when you see the blossom end rot and you spray it directly on the leaves and flower. I would like to treat the problem and not the symptom.

AFoli-Cal is labeled to treat for calcium deficiencies that cause rot. We would highly recommend to speak with the master gardener at Your Local Cooperative Extension Office to make sure this would be the right product for your plants needs.

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07/26/2014 Todd from Haymarket Virginia

QCan this product be applied directly on tomato plants as a diluted spray?
The directions direct to dilute in water and treat the soil, but I want to know if it can be diluted and sprayed directly on the plant. If not, can you recommend a product for calcium bicarbonate direct application.

AYes, the Foli-Cal may be used a foliar spray on Tomatoes. Apply 3 fl. oz. in 2 gallons of water at the 10-12 true leaf state, then at 14 day intervals as needed. Thorough coverage and wetting are needed for optimum foliar spray results. Applications to actively growing plants produce the best results. Wet the entire plant surface. DO NOT apply to foliage when plants are suffering from moisture or heat stress. 

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