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FreeHand 1.75G Herbicide

Freehand 1.75G herbicide contains a new active ingredient called Dimethenamid-P that is combined with Pendimethalin which prevents annual grasses, broadleaf weeds and sedges from emerging. This is used for turf grass, landscape and grounds maintenance, and in outdoor and retail nurseries. Freehand 1.75G is a non burning herbicide that has excellent particle distribution that stops weeds from appearing when applied with a spreader.

Uniform coverage prior to weed germination and emergence ensures optimal weed control.

Application to dry foliage is recommended.

Efficacy will be improved if application is followed by one-half inch of irrigation or equivalent in rainfall. Use lowest label rate and avoid overlap on grower-identified sensitive plant species or as stated on label. To assure good product stewardship and resistance management for weed species shifts, use this product in rotation with other ornamental registered products within the landscape program. If desired, however, a sequential application of FreeHand 1.75G can be reapplied following 8 weeks, with no greater than 400 lbs./A of product at any application.

The following plant species have been injured by applying FreeHand 1.75G:

  • Black-eyed Susan, Blue Fescue, Purple, Coneflower, Feather, Reed, Grass and Leadwort

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10/02/2016 Rick from Goose Creek, Sc

QWhat product would you recommend for control of doveweed in a centipede lawn?


FreeHand 1.75G Herbicide†will safely prevent Doveweed from emerging in centipede turf.†BlindSide††is a very effective post-emergent herbicide†that will kill existing†doveweed in sensitive grasses such as centipede.

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03/28/2015 Clay from Cumming, Ga

QWould you recommend Freehand or Snapshot for North Georgia flower beds with pinestraw.

AWhich you choose really depends on the types of weeds you are trying to control.  Both FreeHand 1.75G and Snapshot 2.5 TG will work for grasses and broad leaf weeds but Freehand is also labeled to control sedges as well.

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05/05/2015 Aj from Seymour, In

QIs freehand 1.75G herbicide for cool season grasses?
The label only shows warm season grasses.

AFreeHand 1.75G Herbicide is for warm and cool season turf grasses. It is non burning.

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06/06/2015 Diana from Monroe, Nc 28110

QIf I apply Freehand Herbicide 1.75G to my flower gardens, will it kill my perennials, annuals, trees and shrub?

AFreehand may be used as a pre-emergent herbicide around established turf and ornamental plants, although there are many sensitive species listed on the product label. Please refer to the product label for specific site instructions and to check whether your plants will tolerate the application.

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10/13/2013 Ray from Happy Valley, Or.

QWhat is the effective control period of time?


FreeHand 1.75G Herbicide is best applied when the listed weeds have not emerged. For application times, please contact your local Master Gardner in your area by clicking the link below for contact information.

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