GardenSoxx with Palmetto Supreme Organic Compost


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GardenSoxx with Palmetto Supreme Organic Compost bag (22 lbs)
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GardenSoxx with Palmetto Supreme Organic Compost
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GardenSoxx filled with Palmetto Supreme Organic Compost is one of the best ways to create an effective garden with minimum effort. No mixing of compost required. Just pull the pre-filled GardenSoxx out of the bag, place the Soxx on the area that you want it, cut holes in it, plant your favorite plants and your garden is ready to go. This system works because it keeps the soil aerated all the time and lets excess water leak out, which allows the compost to work at the maximum efficiency.

* OMRI Certified

Why It Works

GardenSoxx offer the optimum drainage, aeration, and temperature to grow a healthier root system, and a more productive garden. GardenSoxx are made of a patented mesh that lets excess water out, and lets essential oxygen in. The additional air flow also helps cool to the root zone in hot weather, improving growth.

As plant roots grow to the edges of the GardenSoxx mesh, roots prune themselves and create an ever healthier root system. You can plant more intensively and grow more/better produce than with other gardening methods.


GardenSoxx mesh drains readily, so you cannot over water it. Over watering is the most common cause of garden failure, as it leads to root rot and other soil-borne diseases.


GardenSoxx mesh lets air into the plant root zone. Plants need oxygen to survive, and the additional air flow cools the temperature in the root zone significantly. On a summer day the temperature inside a GardenSoxx is about 20 degrees cooler than inside a black plastic pot.

Root pruning

As plant roots grow to meet the GardenSoxx mesh, they prune themselves off rather than grow into the open air. This creates new root growth. These new finely branched roots have more surface area, and thus take in more nutrients than older roots. In GardenSoxx the root system gets better and better as the season progresses.

No weed competition

Weed seeds simply cannot take root through GardenSoxx mesh, so your plants will never have to compete for water and nutrients. Composted GrowingMedia is naturally weed free, as opposed to many top soil mixes.

Compare GardenSoxx to other gardening methods

Raised Garden Beds

Constructed raised beds offer drainage and aeration, but require expensive materials and some skill to build. Raised garden beds use far more media and more space. Open top raised beds also leave an open invitation for weeds.


Containers do not offer adequate drainage and aeration. Container grown plants become root bound, strangling themselves as they grow. GardenSoxx air prune roots, creating a more fibrous root system.

In-Ground Planting

In the ground plants don't have the benefit of optimum drainage and aeration. USDA research shows that GardenSoxx outperform other methods, producing more fruit, with significantly more sugar content, flavor, color, and antioxidants.

Fabric Grow Bags

Fabric grow bags provide aeration and root pruning, but require far more media and space. For larger scale growers who want the benefits of fabric planters, GardenSoxx are the most efficient system available.


Years of product research have gone into making GardenSoxx the best container for growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Agricultural research shows that GardenSoxx can result in a healthier, more productive, more marketable crop. But don't just take our word for it.

Disease reduction

A 2006 study by the USDA Agricultural Research Service showed that perennial strawberries planted in GardenSoxx are less susceptible to black root rot and produce more marketable fruit than those planted in unfumigated, unamended soils. GardenSoxx mesh provides optimum drainage, protecting crops from disease-prone soil conditions. Our composted GrowingMedia also helps suppress plant pathogens.

Healthier roots

Using a scale of 1 to 5 - with 5 being totally free of root rot - USDA researchers rated the root health of strawberries grown in GardenSoxx. All but one scored 4 to 5, while the strawberries grown without the compost ranged from 1 to 3, except for one rating of 4. The study also showed a 16 to 32 fold increase in yields.

Increased yield, better quality

A subsequent USDA study conducted in 2009 measured the concentrations of compounds contributing to fruit quality. These included various sugars, organic acids (compounds that contribute to flavor quality), and pigments that are a rich source of antioxidants. As you can see from the results summar

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