Gilmour Oscillating Sprinkler (7900PP)


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Gilmour Oscillating Sprinkler (7900PP)
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The Gilmour Oscillating Sprinkler (7900PP) is a flexible spray tube and create a pattern when needed. It's a tube that bends and have a set width of coverage. It has a spray pattern feature that can be adjusted to fit square or rectangular shapes. When installed, the width and length of the specific area to be watered can be controlled. It can be changed whenever required. This product is impact resistant and has a rustproof polymer construction. Perfect to use for any household outdoor setting. This sprinkler provides water coverage up to 4,000 square feet (86 ft x 59 ft).

How to use Oscillating Sprinkler:

In order to understand how the adjustment on these sprinklers work, it is important to understand what is meant by “LEFT” and “RIGHT.” RIGHT refers to the user’s right when facing the sprinkler from the end where the hose is connected.

The following are descriptions of the coverage you will get in various positions:

  • CENTER - The oscillator will swing within a narrow range (a few feet) in both directions from center.
  • RIGHT - The oscillator will travel from center to the furthest right position.
  • FULL - The oscillator will cover its full range (from all the way left to all the way right).
  • LEFT - The oscillator will swing from center to the furthest left position.

Watering/Hose End


It is important when using watering devices that you are aware of electrical devices and outlets. DO NOT SPRAY WATER INTO AN ELECTRICAL OUTLET. SEVERE ELECTRICAL SHOCK COULD RESULT. Watering devices and accessories are intended for outdoor and cold water use only, unless marked otherwise. Do not use when freezing may occur.


Garden Hose

Gilmour hose is NOT for use with hot water, unless marked as Commercial or Industrial, and for use with hot water.

Drinking water from any hose is NOT recommended.

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05/06/2014 Suzanne from Collierville Tn

QHow do use set the dials +- on the Gilmour Oscillating Sprinklerto cover the biggest area
Have 4 of these and I can't get them to oscilate to the maximum levels.

AWe apologize you having an issue setting the dial on your Gilmour Oscillating Sprinklers. Please contact the manufacturer Gilmour 800-458-0107 for further help trouble shooting.

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