Gladiator Place Pack Pellets


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Due to the new rodent laws passed in June of 2011, this product can only be sold in a case of 2 pails.  Each case comes with 2 pails each containing 130 place packs.

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Gladiator Place Pack Pellets box of 2 pails (260 packs)

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Gladiator Place Pack Pellets

Gladiator Place Pack Pellets contain the same active ingredient as Fastrac Place Packs.

Gladiator Place Pack Pellets are manufactured from an advanced formulation that produces a fresh tasting, highly compressed pellet that mice and rats love. Pellets hold up well in adverse conditions, making them ideal for use in most enviornments. The hardness of the pellet satisfies the rodent's desire to gnaw to keep their teeth sharp. Gladiator Place Packs offers a lethal dose of active ingredient bromethalin in a single feeding, with the first dead rodents appearing in one or two days after bait consumption. Read below for more information. Each pail contains 130 x 0.5 oz. packs.

USE SITES: This product may be used only to control Norway Rats, Roof Rats, and
House Mice. This product may be used inside and outside within 50 feet of industrial,
agricultural, related port or terminal buildings, and similar man-made structures.
This product may also be used within 50 feet of surrounding buildings in
alleys and inside transport vehicles (ships, trains, aircraft).
USE RESTRICTIONS: Do not place near or inside ventilation duct openings. Do not
contaminate water, food, feedstuffs, food or feed handling equipment, or milk or
meat handling equipment or surfaces that come into direct contact with food. Do
not use this product in sewers. Do not broadcast bait. Do not apply further than 50
Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.
feet from buildings. Do not sell this product in individual containers holding less
than 4 pounds of bait.
SELECTION OF TREATMENT AREAS: Determine areas where rats and mice will
most likely find and consume the bait. Generally, these are along walls, by gnawed
openings, in or beside burrows, in corners and concealed places, between floors
and walls, or in locations where rats and mice or their signs have been seen.
Remove as much alternative food accessible to rodents as possible.

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