Gnat Traps

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B&G Matrix II Four Seasons Fly Light
5 out of 5 stars (4)
Multiple sizes available
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Flexible fly light allows for multiple configurations: Use 1,2,3 or all the bulbs depending on the severity of the fly problem.

Genus Eclipse Fly Light
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Multiple sizes available
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Eclipse Fly Flight

Musca-Stik Jr. Sticky Fly Trap - 12" long
4.5 out of 5 stars (2)
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Sticky fly traps with fly pheromone attractant. Each trap measures 12 inches in length.

Gilbert 219GT Sticky Tiger
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Gilbert 219GT Sticky Tiger

Paraclipse Insect Inn Ultra II Fly Light
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powerful decorative fly light contains a unique high-capacity glue board cartridge, allowing you to catch flies for months without servicing the unit.

Revenge The Mini Reel Kit Fly Tape #12281
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Special non drying glue on a reel with 81 feet.

Gilbert 601T The Don Light Trap
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A highly-effective electrocuter that will provide a great solution to your fly control problems.

JT Eaton Stick- A-Fly Fly Traps
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A non-poisonous sticky trap that will provide an effective solution to your fly control problem.

Trappit Fly Bag
Multiple sizes available
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Trappit Fly Bag contains integrated water-soluble fly attractant for effective fly control.

Revenge JUMBO Fly Catchers
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Multiple sizes available
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The Big fly catcher ribbon

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Plug in flylight with a modern design that catches flying insects in a 800 sq. ft. area.

Gilbert 747GT Sticky Bear
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The largest and most powerful glueboard light trap that can be used in any area where flies and other insects are present.

Mantis 1x2 Fly Light Freestanding Bracket
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Freestanding bracket to be used with Mantis 1x2 Fly Light.

Gardner MX-360 Fly Light
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A portable fly light for table tops or on the floor that uses 4 32 watt bulbs and 3 adhesive glue boards for commercial food processing to supermarkets.

Flytrap Professional 30W Fly Light
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A professional grade fly light with 1 fly pheromone glue board and two 15 watt UV bulbs.

Florida Fly Baiter Kit
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Out of Stock
Quick to set up fly trap that can hold liquid and granular fly bait.

Revenge 600 Footer Sticky Fly Tape
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Out of Stock
600 feet sticky fly-tape


Gnats, generally categorized as small, nonbiting insects, can be extremely irritating. Although they are not harmful, their populations can grow quickly and the annoyance factor can increase exponentially each day. Gnats, or fungus gnats, are most often found in moldy or rotting vegetation. Indoors, you may find gnats in potted houseplants.  Catching gnats in traps can cut back on gnat populations. There are other methods of gnat control that can be used as well.

Gnat traps

While there are no traps made specifically for gnats, like there are for fruit flies, general fly remedies can help trap gnats.

  • There are some formulas out there for homemade gnat “traps,” or solutions that lure gnats in, but not commercially available. Regular fly lures won’t work on gnats, as they are not attracted to the same food source.
  • Fly paper, glue boards, and hanging stick traps can all work on gnats. However, you will have to hang them very close to the source of the gnats or where you have seen gnats congregating, maybe by windows or light sources.
  • Fly lights can also be effective at trapping gnats. Gnats are attracted to light, like most insects. Fly lights have a light to lure insects in and a glue board to keep them from escaping. Again, you must place lights close to where gnats are, but not near windows as you may lure other insects outdoors to congregate near your home. Gnats won’t be traveling far from the plants, since that is also their food source. Moving plants around can be one solution, or get a portable light, like the Flyweb Fly Light, which plugs into wall outlets.
  • Once glue boards or sticky traps have been covered in insects, replace them with fresh products.
  • Once it seems your populations have been lessened, you can continue to use glue boards to monitor plants. This way, you can see right away if your plants become infested and treat them quickly.
  • Gnats are also often present outdoors, and there are pesticide products you can apply to your yard or garden to combat them; traps are not as effective out doors.

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