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Grillbot is easy to use, fun to watch and has the cleaning power to effectively clean all types of grills. Our special technology allows the Grillbot to roam independently around your grill surface. Simply turn the Grillbot on and let the three wire brushes do all the dirty work for you!

Be the first to have the robot that automatically cleans your grill. Take the hard work out of cleaning your grill with Grillbot’s replaceable bristle brushes and powerful motors. Just put the Grillbot on your grill, press the start button, and Grillbot cleans your grill. The robot scrubs the caked on grime and grease that leaves your grill totally clean. Cleaning your grill has never been this easy!


  • Push Button Operation
  • 3 Electric Motors
  • Three Replaceable Brushes
  • Built in Timer and LCD Alarm
  • Smart Computer Chip Regulates the Direction and the Speed
  • Rechargeable Battery and AC Adaptor
  • Use the Brass Bristle Brushes for Porcelain Coated and Stainless Steel Grills
  • Use the Stainless Steel Bristle Brushes for Steel and Cast Iron Grills

Replacement brushes are also available:

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Winner of 2013 Innovation Award at International Home & Housewares Show.


  • Before first use, charge (about eight hours). Don’t worry, Grillbot’s built-in sensor will prevent overcharging.
  • Make sure grill is on a flat, even surface for best results.
  • Grillbot’s replaceable brushes are available on our website.
  • Brushes are easily removed and are dishwasher safe.
  • Grillbot’s brass brushes are specifically designed to help protect the coating on your grill grates while also maintaining flavor. Grillbot loves to scrub – use it as often as you like. (Older grills may require a second push of the button). For a more robust clean, try our stainless steel brushes recommend for non-coated grill grates.
  • Press button once and Grillbot cleans your grill in minutes.-There is a 5-second delay to allow placement on grill. Grillbot beeps when done, or turn Grillbot off by lifting off grill and pressing button until you hear a beep (about 3 seconds).
  • Grillbot works on hot or cold grills up to 200 degrees- just remember no flames! Grillbot’s built in alarm will sound if you forget! For charcoal grills, wait until grill cools below 200 degrees.
  • Always close lid when not watching Grillbot.
  • To clean, remove brushes and wipe bottom with a damp cloth or degreaser. Brushes are dishwasher safe.

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