Grow More 24-5-15 All Purpose Plant Food


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Grow More 24-5-15 All Purpose Plant Food

The Grow More 24-5-15 All Purpose Plant Food is a general purpose fertilizer that can be used for all plants, tree, flowers and even shrubs. It's a popular plant food with low phosphate formula which helps in growing more beautiful flowers, stronger green trees and bigger vegetables. This product instantly feeds through the leaves and the roots. This all purpose plant food that encourages root growth can be applied as inline fertigation, foliar spray or soil drench. It can also be used indoors still for all types of plants or flowers. It's safe to use, easy to apply and won't burn your lawn or any outdoor living area when use as directed.

Fertilize with Caution:

Avoid overuse of fertilizers.
Water plants and lawns well before using water-soluble products.
Delay fertilizing newly planted trees and shrubs for a year.
Do not fertilize plants stressed by drought.
Do not fertilize and lime the lawn simultaneously.

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06/28/2014 Carolyn from Salt Lake City, Ut

QNeed measure amount Grow More 24 - 5 - 15 per gallon for outdoor plants & veggies
The only amount on the label is the amount per gallon for indoor plants

AGrow More 24 - 5 - 15 All Purpose Plant Food application depends on what you are specifically applying to. Please contact Grow More Inc Here for your specific application recommendations. We apologize for this inconvenience.

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