Grow More Sea Grow Plant Food 4-26-26


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Grow More Sea Grow Plant Food 4-26-26

The Grow More Sea Grow Plant Food 4-26-26 is a water soluble concentrate that encourages flowering, fruiting and vigorous root growth. The Sea Grow contains a hybrid blend of amino acids, botanical seaweed extract, blood meal, carbohydrates, organic carbon, primary Nitrogen-Phosphate-Potassium ratio (N-P-K) of 4-26-26, yucca extract and micronutrients. The bio-stimulant effect from seaweeds produces active growth, better quality fruits and abundant blooms with excellent keeping and storage qualities.

The Grow More Sea Grow Plant Food is enhanced for use in both indoor and outdoor growing environments. It is suitable in containers or in the ground using either soil mixes or native soils, or in soil-less hydroponic and aeroponic systems. For application, dissolve it in water before using. This may be applied as soil drench, foliar spray or inline fertigation.

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    5 of 5 stars  Hanging Fuchsia, Petunia Flower & Tomato Plant Containers
    By Cottage in Marysville, Washington on 06/14/2014
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    Lots of Beautiful BIG Fuchsia blooms, Petunia plants with lots of flowers and healthy green leaves, large, green tomato plants covered in fruiting flowers, all in containers. Roses just coming on, mixed diluted SG 4-26-26 in with my regular rose fertilizer, these plants and flowers look good, too. It's just early June in WA state, we've had lots of sunny days, this season, just started applying the Sea Grow 4-26-26 Flower & Bloom, about 1 teaspoon per 2 gallons water pail, each watering. I'm amazed at the appearance of my garden plants. This might be my best garden year. This fertilizer is a winner!

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05/01/2017 Candy from Brea, Ca

QShould I apply Grow More Sea Grow Plant Food 4-26-26 or 16-16-16?
Last year my farm store sold me both products and my tomatoes were excellent. Starting again this year; can my remaining product from last year be used AND what formula do I use when?


The shelf life is 3 years from date of purchase as long as the product was bought fresh. We recommend to apply Grow More Sea Grow Plant Food 16-16-16 first because it has the higher amount of Nitrogen in it. Mid May June would be a good time.

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