Happy Jack Enduracide Dip II


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Happy Jack Enduracide Dip II

Happy Jack Enduracide Dip II provides residual control of fleas, ticks, lice and even deer ticks on dogs. It is formulated with special ingredients that are very effective in eliminating those pests. It is recommended for small breeds of dogs. Enduracide Dip II comes in an 8-ounce bottle.

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    3 of 5 stars  questionable
    By In in GROVETON Texas on 07/26/2016

    bought this because it said it was for cats and dogs, but when it came the directions said it was for dogs only. used it anyway, worked good on kittens almost 3 months old but only lasted for a couple of days, down here in Texas we are having a flea infestation due to all the flooding. guess i'll keep looking to find something that works.

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    5 of 5 stars  Works well but you NEED an igr for your house!
    By Fred in Curwensville pa on 09/17/2017

    I watched fleas die within 20 seconds on my dogs belly. Outside where I was treating, a stink bug landed in the grass beside me, I sprayed it, dead within 2 min. I took dog out, sprayed her down, combed it through, and toweled her completely dry with the help of the sun. But if your still seeing fleas you need to treat your house with an igr (insect growth regulator) disrupts the eggs hatching stage, I use precor. Don't think this method will kill all fleas in a few days or even a week, took us near a month of using (at the time) petcor, and precor/ suspend poly mix spraying inside. Also gotta vacuum your house a lot and clean floors/furniture, or don't, it'll just take longer and you have a bad review.

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