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Headway Fungicide

Headway Fungicide is made out of two broad spectrum, preventative fungicides with systemic properties that will control many turfgrass diseases. This can be applied through a foliar spray in different spray programs or it can be tank mixed with other registered turf products. Headway is compatible with other herbicides, insecticides, liquid fertilizers and fungicides.

Headway controls listed pathogens that cause foliar, stem, and root diseases, including leaf and stem blights, leaf spots, patch diseases, mildews, anthracnose, fairy rings, molds, and rusts of turfgrass plants. Headway may be used to control certain diseases on turf in golf courses, lawns and landscape areas around residential, institutional, public, commercial and industrial buildings, parks, recreational areas and athletic fields.

Application Directions:

Headway should be applied prior to disease development. Mix Headway with the required amount of water and apply as a dilute spray application in 2-4 gallons of water per 1,000 sq ft (87-174 gal/A). Repeat applications at specified intervals for as long as required. For spot treatments, use 1.5 fl oz Headway per 1 to 2 gallons of water. Do not apply more than 8.1 gallons product per acre per year (23.75 fl oz product per 1,000 sq ft per year). Applications may be made by ground only.

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05/16/2015 Kerry from Hillsboro Beach, Fl

QCan headway be used on a st.augustine/palmetto blend in south Florida .

AHeadway Fungicide will not harm St. Augustine when applied as directed.

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09/24/2013 Lester from The Villages Florida

QHow many ounces of Headway Fungicide per gal of water is necessary for root rot? I am treating 3,000 sq ft.


Headway Fungicide is mixed at 3 fl oz per 1,000 sq ft for root rot. Refer to the chart on the product label for more details.

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08/02/2015 Paul from Fairfax, Va

QWhat's the shelf life of the Headway Fungicide liquid?
For my sized lawn, the gallon would last about 7 years. I can't find anything on the label about whether or not you can store this indefinitely or if it loses potency after a couple years.


Generally, insecticides and herbicides will last 3-5 years when stored in its orginal container and out of extreme heat or cold conditions. Since Headway Herbicide label does not specifically state a shelf life, we would recommend contacting Syngenta directly at 1-866-SYNGENTA. 

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10/31/2013 Loran from Jackson, Tn

QDoes Headway Fungicide come in a smaller size other than gallon?

AWe only sell Headway Fungicide in 1 gallon jugs. Please let us know if you have any further questions 866-581-7378.

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