HibisGain 12-6-8 Plus Minors

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HibisGain 12-6-8 Plus Minors
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HibisGain 12-6-8 Plus Minors contains minimal phosphorus. High phosphorus in a bloom boosting fertilizer can rally make hibiscus plants sick. They can work great for other types of flowering plants, but it ties up other minerals a hibiscus plant must have. In high doses over time, the hibiscus plant can starve to death. This product has an acid based Nitrogen that helps make the soil more of a fit for nutrient uptake. Slightly acid soil (a pH of 6 to 7) helps the hibiscus plant to absorb nutrients. HibisGain contains medium amounts of nitrogen. Excess nitrogen can in some instance turn the edges of hibiscus leaves turn brown, and too little nitrogen can stunt growth. HibisGain contains the right amount of Nitrogen for attractive, healthy foliage.

HibisGain is the perfect mix for more than just your Hibiscus; our 12-6-8 formula is a great contender as an all-purpose dry fertilizer. High Nitrogen and plenty of minor nutrients makes this blend perfect for every day gardening, and the extra boost your Hibiscus needs.

HibisGain can be applied directly on top of the soil or mulch. It should be sprinkled evenly under and slightly beyond the spread of the branches. It should be kept off the foliage and well away from the trunk. Do not apply HibisGain to dry soil. Be sure to water the area well before and after fertilizing. Take care to brush or wash fertilizer granules off leaves to prevent leaf injury. For plant beds, apply one full 10lb. bag per 500 square feet

Bougainvillea Growers International (BGI) was founded in 1994 on 5 acres with a vision of turning a niche market into a global phenomenon, bringing color and beauty to landscapes and bougainvillea lovers everywhere. In 2012, their wholesale nurseries totaled over 67 acres. They grew over 20 varieties of bougainvillea, all specifically chosen for their reliable branching and flowering habit, and five different bougainvillea products - bush, trellis, standard, hanging basket, and bonsai.

In mid-2012, after 20 years of growing quality Bougainvillea, BGI embarked on a new venture, one that channeled their knowledge towards producing and distributing their GAIN fertilizer products that deliver exceptional blooms, luscious growth, and vital nutrients to make gardens across the country look spectacular.

In-Ground Hibiscus

2-3' tall 2 Tbsp
4-5' tall 4 Tbsp
6-7' tall 6 Tbsp

Potted Hibiscus

6" pot 1 Tbsp
10" pot 2 Tbsp
14" pot 4 Tbsp


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10/02/2014 Clara

QIs your product hibisGain 12-6-8 good for serissa?

AThe HibisGain 12-6-8 Plus Minors is not specifically labeled for use on Serissa, however to find out if this would work for your needs, you can contact the manufacturer of the product directly. You can reach BGI at 561-374-9216.

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