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Hi-Yield Snake Repellent

Hi-Yield Snake Repellent sets off avoidance behavior in snakes using a powerful scent created by all natural ingredients that do not actually harm the snake itself. Use Hi-Yield Snake Repellent around your property and home, even in areas where children and pets play. Hi-Yield Snake Repellent will not hurt your lawn, garden, or flowers when used as directed in the product label.


  • Keep grass cut low and vegetation trimmed away from home and other buildings/structures
  • Cut down heavy brush or trim back hedges
  • Keep compost piles away from home and other buildings on your property
  • Eliminate debris such as leaf piles/rock piles
  • Carefully inspect foundations and fill any cracks/crevices that would allow a rodent or snake to enter.
  • Seal small gaps under doors, decks, fences, etc.

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05/23/2014 Renee from Triangle , Idaho

QIs Hi-Yield Snake Repellent harmful to dogs?

AHi-Yield Snake Repellent is safe for pets and children if used as directed on the product label. It can be applied in areas where children and pets play.

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12/12/2013 David from Central

QCan HI-Yield Snake Repellent be used inside the home??
If this product can not be used inside the home do you have or know of a product that can be used in the home. The snakes are up in the drop ceiling in the insulation and between the walls and roof at the attic level. Thank You, David

AThe Hi-Yield Snake Repellent is meant for use outside around the home, since the snakes natural environment is outside.  The product does not say you cannot use the product inside, however this product has a strong odor, and is meant for use outside.  The smell may become too strong for in the house, so we would advise placing the product inside something first to easily remove it if the smell is too strong.  For control of snakes indoors we would recommend Cahaba Snake Trap. The Cahaba Snake Trap - Large is constructed of commercial grade plastic making it durable for outdoor useas well. Each trap ships with 1 glue insert and measures 32 inches long to accommodate large snakes.

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04/30/2015 Kim from Cottonwood, Mn

QHow big of an area will a 4lb bag of Hi-Yield Snake Repellent cover?

AA 4lb bag of Hi-Yield Snake Repellent will cover 400 sq ft (1lb per 100 sq ft). Please refer to the product label for instructions on application to achieve the best results.

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08/02/2014 Ken from Antoich Ca

QIs Hi-Yield Snake Repellent a powder or granules?

AHi-Yield Snake Repellent is a granule. You will put this around three sides of your home initially. After about a week (or when you know the snake(s) are gone) put the repellent on the last side. This will ensure that they left the area versus trapping them around your home. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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06/29/2016 Shawna from Weatherford

QCan I use Hi-Yield Snake Repellent in and around a chicken coop?
Will it harm chicken or geese?


Yes, Hi Yield Snake Repellent is safe for use around and in a chicken coop. It will not harm any animals. It is just a repellent and will keep snakes out of the area.

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06/27/2015 Shane from Kentucky

QHi-Yield Snake Repellent treat venomous snakes?
will this keep ver dangerous SNAKES away rattle snakes copperheads venomousnakes ??????

AHi-Yield Snake Repellent will repel poisonous and non poisonous snakes when applied as directed.

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09/01/2015 Kay from Punta Gorda, Fl. 33955

QHow often should the Hi-Yield Snake Repellent be used?
Is it rain resistant?


Hi-Yield Snake Repellent should be reapplied every 2 weeks until control is maintained. If it were to down pour with rain you may need to reapply sooner.

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