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What You Should Know About Millipedes

The Millipede-or "thousand-legged worm"- is harmless to humans, though it may cause damage to seedlings, strawberries, or other fruits in contact with the ground. Millipedes are brownish in color with 2 to 4 pairs of legs per body segment, while centipedes have only 1 pair of legs per segment. Its legs move in an undulating wave-like manner. Millipedes prefer to feed on rotting wood, leaves, and damp, decaying plant matter, and will live nearby or within these same materials. The way to get rid of most millipedes is by proper pesticide application in conjunctin with limiting favorable conditions and food sources.

Step 1) Nonchemical Methods of Millipede Control


  • Repair cracks, crevices, and gaps around windows, doors, pipes and wires with sealant or caulk
  • Makes sure the screens and door sweeps on windows and doors are tight-fitting

Eliminate Favorable Conditions:

  • Fix leaky faucets or pipes and dry up wet or damp areas where millipedes thrive
  • Remove outdoor harborages near the home that hold moisture (compost, wood, or leaf piles, etc).
  • Store firewood off the ground at least 20 feet away from the home
  • Water your lawn in the morning so that it will be dry by afternoon
  • Do not over mulch flower beds, since soggy mulch is an ideal harborage for millipedes

Step 2) Chemical Pesticide Application

Contact and Flushing Sprays:

  • CB Air Devil HPX is a cypermethrin residual contact kill aerosol that HPX is specially formulated to clear out large numbers of target insects fast, and provides up to 3 months of protection. For treatment of millipedes, spray CB Air Devil around doors and windows and other areas where millipedes may be found or where they may enter premises. Spray baseboards, storage areas and other locations. Repeat as necessary.

Indoor Perimeter Treatment with Residual :

  • Demand CS, Suspend SC, and Cyper WP are residual liquid formulation pesticides that are added to water and applied with a low-pressure sprayer can provide a powerful residual that continues working for 4 to 8 weeks following application. These residual liquid formulations can be sprayed along the outside perimeter of the home (especially under and around eaves, decks, patios, and window shutters), and inside along baseboards, in cracks and crevices, and other potential millipede harborages. You will know the residual is working because you will begin finding only dead millipedes rather than live ones.

Outdoor Treatments for lawn & garden:

  • Talstar EZ and Talstar PL Granules are intended for outdoor control. Granules are easy to spread and will protect your lawn from millipedes and other pests for 2 to 3 months. Talstar EZ and PL are essentially the same product, except the PL granules are smaller.

Crack & Crevice Dust Treatments:

  • Delta Dust or Drione Dust are two high-powered residual dusts intended to application to difficult-to-access areas where millipedes may be living, such as behind cabinets and inside wall voids and crawl spaces. Delta and Drione Dust are applied by inserting a hand duster into cracks and crevices and puffing the dust into the space. These areas can also be reached by drilling holes if needed. Residual dusts will remain effective up to 8 months if kept dry. Delta Dust is a waterproof dust.


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