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Hyvar X

Hyvar X is a wettable herbicide powder that brings extended residual control. It is inteneded to be mixed in water and sprayed for non-discriminatory brush and weed control in non-produce areas and for killing specific weeds that affect certain crops. Just apply the product either before or during the period where the weeds are growing. The active ingredient in Hyvar X, bromacil, works by diffusing into the soil and gets absorbed by the roots of the grasses and weeds that you want to get rid of. The kill time for Hyvar X is a long time, up to several weeks after application, but the end results are worth it. Just follow the dosage instructions on the bottom description to get the correct dosage for your property, mix the powder in water, about 20 liters per kg, and spray the mixture evenly on the desired ground. Hyvar X is best used for a non-selective herbicide weed killer and brush control in non-crop locations. The most effective results occurs when Hyvar X is applied to moist soil and the area is watered within two weeks of application.

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When herbicides with the same mode of action are used repeatedly over several years to control the same weed species in the same site, naturally occurring resistant weed biotypes may survive a correctly applied herbicide treatment, propagate and become dominant in that site. These resistant weed biotypes may not be adequately controlled. Cultural practices such as tillage, preventing weed escapes from going to seed, and using herbicides with a different mode of action within and between crop seasons can aid in delaying the proliferation and possible dominance of herbicide resistant biotypes.


Acanthospermum hispidum, Amaranthus hybridus, Aristida congesta, Brachiaria eruciformis, Chloris pycnothrix, Cyperus esculentus, Cyperus rotundus, Cynodon dactylon, Digitaria sanguinalis, Eleusine indicia subsp. africana, Hyparrhenia hirta, Panicum laevifolium, Pennisetum clandestinum, Setaria verticillata, Tagetes minuta, Tragus racemosius  Upright starbur, Cape pigweed, Tassel three-awn, Sweet signal grass, Spiderweb chloris, Yellow nutsedge, Red nutsedge, Common quick grass, Crabgrass African goosegrass, Common thatching grass, Sweet buffalo grass, Kikuyu grass, Burr bristle grass, Tall khakiweed, Stalked bristle grass 

DOSAGE RATES: INDUSTRIAL USE: Along rail tracks, roads, industrial areas: 

SOIL TYPE (% clay content)  KG PER HECTARE  SPOT TREATMENT (per 50 m²)  REMARKS 
Sandy soil & loamy sand (up to 20 % clay)  8-10 kg 50 g Use the higher rate on each soil type where existing weeds are treated.
Sandy loam (21-35 % clay)  10-12 kg 60 g Use the higher rate on each soil type where existing weeds are treated.
Sandy clay loam (above 35 % clay)   70 g  Do not exceed 12.5 kg HYVAR X per hectare per year. 

AGRICULTURAL USE: CITRUS (Only established trees older than 2 years) 

Sandy soil (up to 10 % clay) 3 kg 15 g Use on cleanly cultivated soil or on actively growing weeds in a young stage. Do not apply dimethoate to soil that had at any time received HYVAR X and alternatively an application of HYVAR X should not follow within 12 months of dimethoate soil application. 
Loamy sand (11–15 % clay)  4 kg 20 g   
Sandy loam (16–20 % clay)  5 kg 25 g   
Sandy clay loam (21–35 % clay) 6 kg 30 g  
Sandy clay (36–55 % clay) 8 kg 40 g  

CITRUS: Apply HYVAR X as a band or broadcast treatment beneath and/or between trees. Avoid contact of foliage and fruit with spray or mist. Temporary yellowing of citrus leaves may occur following treatment. As injury to citrus trees may result, do not use on soils with less than 1% organic matter. Do not use on poorly drained soils, gravelly soils or thinly covered or exposed subsoils. Do not treat trees planted in irrigation furrows. Do not treat diseased or stressed trees. Do not use in citrus groves interplanted with other desirable trees or plants or in areas where roots of desirable trees or plants may extend as injury to desirable trees or plants may result. Do not use in home citrus plantings. Do not apply more than 8 pounds per acre per year. When making multiple applications, do not apply at less than 60 day intervals. 

SISAL (Established plants):

SOIL TYPE (% clay content)  KG PER HECTARE SPOT TREATMENT (per 50 m²)  REMARKS  
Sandy soil (up to 10 % clay) 3 kg 15 g   Use on cleanly cultivated soil or on actively growing weeds in a young stage. When only the rows are treated, the rates of application should be decreased accordingly.
Loamy sand (11–15 % clay) 4 kg 20 g    
Sandy loam (16–20 % clay)  5 kg 25 g  
Sandy clay loam (21–35 % clay) 6 kg 30 g  
Sandy clay (36–55 % clay)  8 kg 40 g   

PINEAPPLES (after planting or on established plants):

Sandy soil (up to 10 % clay) 1.5 kg 8 g  Use as a full cover application on cleanly cultivated soil. Perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses are not controlled at these rates. 
Loamy sand (11–15 % clay) 2 kg 10 g  
Sandy loam (16–20 % clay) 2.5 kg 12 g  
Sandy clay loam (21–35 % clay)  3 kg 15 g   

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04/13/2016 Antonio from Fort Lauderdale, Fl

QCan Hyvar X herbicide kill the Cyperus rotundus?


Hyvar X is labeled for annual sedges in some settings but not in Florida nor for residential settings. †Are you looking for a non selective herbicide?

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09/04/2015 Jeff from Conchas Dam, Nm

QWhat is included in the box of Hyvar X?
How many bags, amount of Hyvar X in each bag?


The box of Hyvar X contains one 4-lb. bag.

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02/02/2017 Chris

QWill Hyvar X kill trees?


Hyvar X†is not labeled for killing trees. †If you want to selectively kill a tree, you would want to drill holes into the stump or use the cut stump method.† This means you cut the stump to expose fresh pulp and immediately treat.† You may want to try a brush and stump killer product like†Fertilome Brush and Stump Killer instead.†

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