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InVade Bio Remediation

InVade Bio Remediation contains super-concentrated premium microbe spores and provides bio remediation for a wide range of applications and superior grease trap maintenance. InVade Bio Remediation prevents costly build up of organic matter in mosquito and other misting systems. Its formula is non-pathogenic, completely natural, and biodegradable. It can be used with the InVade Drain Dosing System for grease traps or by diluting the solution. It can be blended with pesticides, foaming agents, or other additives that are not anti microbial.

Great for use in mosquito misting systems to prevent line and tip replacement by keeping lines clean.

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05/28/2014 Jason from Garden Grove, Ca

QCan InVade Bio Remediation be used to reduce algae in ponds with fish (koi)?


No, the†InVade Bio Remediation is not labeedl nor has it been tested for use in ponds for algae control. We would recommend Cutrine Plus Algaecide in ponds with fish to control algae, however this and other algaecides with copper should not be used in ponds with koi, trout, or goldfish.†Please be sure to read the product label before use.

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10/13/2016 Robin

QCan InVade Bio Remediation be used in a misting system in a horse barn?


Yes, InVade Bio Remediation can be used in a misting system for mosquitoes.†It is safe for horse barns as it is made of organic matter.

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07/03/2014 Ron from Montgomery, Texas

QHow much do you use in a 55 gallon misting system tank to keep the equipment running well?
I have a Mist A Way misting system.


In a 55 gallon misting system tank, you will use one pint of the InVade Bio Remediation to prevent or treat scum build-up.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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