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Invade SeptiTreat bottle(8 oz.)

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Invade SeptiTreat

InVade SeptiTreat contains premium natural microbes that digest organic waste, including fats, oils, and grease (FOG), carbohydrates, proteins, cellulose, and urea and reduce odors. Septic systems work by using naturally occurring bacteria to breakdown and liquefy waste. If the system doesn’t work properly, back-ups, lawn damage and foul odors can result. The bacteria in SeptiTreat help replenish the natural bacteria in the septic system that can be overloaded by large amounts of waste, or excessive use of disinfectant chemicals. On a quarterly basis, one 8 oz bottle of SeptiTreat is simply poured into the toilet and flushed. SeptiTreat may also be poured down a drain, followed by about a gallon of water.

There are 12 x 8oz. bottles in a case.

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03/01/2016 Joe from Florida

QDo you have a product that I can add to septic tank on a weekly basis to get rid of drain flies?
I did see them in the tank. I'd like to treat for a few weeks to kill hatching eggs.


We do carry InVade SeptiTreat which is designed to be used in septic systems to reduce organic buildup that would create harborage for drain flies. Per the product label:

Simply pour one 8 oz bottle of SeptiTreat into the toilet and flush. SeptiTreat may also be poured down a drain, followed by about a gallon of water. Results are best if applied at a time of low flow. One treatment is adequate for a typical household on a quarterly basis. For large homes with higher than average throughput, or for use in other types of buildings, two or more 8 oz bottles may be needed per quarter

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