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Judo Miticide Insecticide

Judo Miticide/Insecticide is part of a new chemical class (tetronic acids), that has a new mode of action being highly effective against whiteflies and mites. It will affect all the stages of development of whiteflies and mites - also their eggs and transformation stages. It is translaminar and will move through the plant's leaf tissue. Effective residual control will last 30+ days for mites and 21+ days for whiteflies.



JUDO is a Flowable (Suspension Concentrate) formula that is intended for control of mites and whiteflies on ornamental plants, flowers and foliage plants in the greenhouse and field and container nurseries. The active ingredient contained in JUDO is active on all mite development stages. However, mite juvenile stages are often more susceptible than adults. Application should be timed to coincide with early threshold levels in a developing mite population.

JUDO is also highly effective against whitefly nymphs, plus it has a significant effect on the otherwise difficult to control pupal stage. For best results against whitefly, applications should target these life stages.

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    5 of 5 stars  Judo miticide
    By Mitch in Lotus CA on 09/04/2016

    When it comes to fighting mites, Judo should always be considered as part of an integrated pest management program. It has a very low toxicity to mammals and its ability to dry up the eggs stops the next generation from hatching, thus controlling the growth of a mite population.

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07/18/2014 Jean from Yuba City Ca

QCan you use Judo Miticide/Insecticide on edible plants?


Judo Miticide/Insecticide should NOT be applied to edible vegetation per the product label. Please click the link below for our edible products selection.

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08/30/2013 Ron from Fl

QContact killer? how applied?
Bougainville infected all stages. Will this work on Moth & larva stages. Can it be applied by sprayer? What mix?. If not best product yr recommendation pls & cost.

AJudo is a contact killer and will kill all stages of target insects. Please read over the product label to determine the best usage rate for your needs: Judo Product Label. Judo is not labeled for any type of moth. What type plants and moths are you treating?

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08/05/2016 Pete from Los Angeles, Ca

QAre Judo and Forbid 4F the same?
The active ingredient seems to be the same, what would the differences be?


Yes, Judo Miticide Insecticide and Forbid 4F have the same active ingredient inside of it. They will work the same way; Judo Miticide is the generic of Forbid.

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