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Junction Fungicide/Bactericide

Junction Fungicide/Bactericide has a combined active ingredient of Mancozeb and Copper Hydroxide that creates a strong and broad spectrum fungicide/bactericide. It comes in a high quality dry flowable formulation that will solve diseases in greenhouses, sod farms, nurseries, and golf courses. Some diseases include: Scab, Black Knot, Bacterial Leaf, Fungal Leaf Spot and many more.

Product has changed from dry flowable formulation to water soluble formulation.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Great product
    By Charles in North Richland hills tx. on 08/13/2017

    So I treated a live oak that was exudating bacteria out of trunk tissue , I used it with Pentra bark tree looks great

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10/06/2014 Chet from Coatesville Pa

QWill this work on black knot and if so how would it be applied to the tree?

AJunction Fungicide/Bactericide is labeled to control Black Knot on ornamental stone fruit trees such as apricot, almond, cherry, nectarine, peach, and plum trees. You would apply as a thorough coverage spray usine 1.5 - 3.5 lbs of Junction per acre. 0.5 tablespoons of junction per gallon of water is equivalent to 1.75 lbs of Junction per 100 gallons of water. Begin applications at first sign of disease and retreat on a 7-14 day interval as needed. Use shorter intervals when severe disease conditions exist. Maximum seasonal rate per acre is 66.7 lbs of Junction.

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04/16/2015 Tom from Rutherford Nj 07070

QCan I treat Leyland Cypress leaf blight with Junction Fungicide/Bactericide?

AJunction Fungicide/Bactericide should NOT be applied to residential lawns/trees. It is labeled for various types of blight at the first sign of the disease. A retreatment is applied on a 7-14 day interval as needed.

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06/02/2015 Pyra from Collins, Mo

QDoes Junction applied at silverbud on prunus & malus trees poison the trees?
My orchard has various varieties of prunus and malus specie trees affected by bacterial spot, bacterial cankers, peach leaf curl, cedar-apple rust, cedar-quince rust, fire blight and phytophthora and pythium in soil. Will Junction handle all these fungal problems? Furthermore, will fruit from these trees be edible next growing season after these fungal infections have been killed?

AJunction is labeled for most of the diseases that you have mentioned, however it is for ornamental plants. You should contact a local Master Gardener or the manufacturer, SePRO for more information regarding timing. We would not recommend eating fruit from trees treating with this product. You can reach SePRO at 800-419-7779.

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09/30/2014 Ron from Orland Park, Il

QWill Junction Mancozeb+copper over spray affect nearby evergreens?


We assume you are referring to Junction Fungicide/Bacteriacide If overspray drift is a concern when using Junction Fungicide/Bacteriacide we recommend following the Spray Drift Mangagement on page 6 of the manufacturer label.  Contact your local Master Gardener for the detailed effects of this product on evergreen trees.

Wind Speed - Do not apply when wind speeds are greater than 15mph. Only apply this product if  the wind direction favors on -target despotion (apporx 3 to 10mph) and there are no sensiteve areas within 250 feet downwind.

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