Kaput Combo Bait Pellets - 32 placepacks


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Kaput Combo Bait Pellets - 32 placepacks Pail (4lbs)
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Kaput Combo Bait Pellets - 32 placepacks

Kaput Combo Bait Pellets is the first rodenticide that also reduces flea populations for an all-around approach to pest control.. The bait is effective against Norway and Roof Rats; house mice; voles; and their fleas that may be carriers of infectious diseases.

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05/07/2015 Paul from Mocksville,n.c. 27028

QWhat is your most cost effective vole control for large vole population?

AWhen voles are numerous or when damage occurs over large areas, toxic baits may be the quickest and most practical means of control. Take necessary measures to ensure the safety of children, pets, and nontarget animals; follow all product label instructions carefully. 

Anticoagulants, often referred to as multiple-feeding baits, interfere with an animal's blood-clotting mechanisms, eventually leading to death. They are probably the safest type of rodent bait for use around homes and gardens because they are slow acting, must be consumed over a period of 5 or more days to be effective, and there is an effective antidote, vitamin K1. Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait imitates the natural food source for rodents like rats, mice, and voles by being manufactured as a loose grain. The packs can also be opened and the grains poured into the vole burrows.

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