Koppert Rollertraps - Yellow Mini 5cm x 100m


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Koppert Rollertraps - Yellow Mini 5cm x 100m sticky ribbon (100m) $155.40
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Koppert Rollertraps - Yellow Mini 5cm x 100m

The Koppert Rollertraps - Yellow Mini 5cm x 100m is specifically designed to catch damaging pests on areas with great pest pressure. It is ideal on ventilation windows, along gables and fields with drought. It targets fungus gnats, thrips, aphids, leafminers and whiteflies. Preferably, rollertraps must be hung when the crop is still low. It can be utilized year-round in ornamental crops and during the first planting or before planting. This is the best time for vegetable crops. It is recommended to use 1 rollertrap per 2 or 3 bays. For assembly, product requires a roll of string, and staples, paper clips or clothes-pegs. Make sure to change rolletrap strips after 5 months. Product is sold in a roll of 5 cm. by 100 m.

Rollertrap is available in different sizes:

  • 15cm x 100m
  • 15cm x 500m


  • Cut off a few pieces of string of approximately 40 cm and keep them within reach.
  • Tie the loose end of the rope from the roll with a flat knot to the greenhouse pole nearby the concrete path. Do this ± 25 cm above the crop for the small rollertraps and ± 40 cm for the large rollertraps.
  • Walk with the rope and unroll until the gable.
  • On the way back to the concrete path fasten the long end of the rope to every greenhouse pole (or every second greenhouse pole) with the loose 40 cm-pieces of the string.
  • Stab a spar (or another 'expedient') through the rollertraps roll to hold it easily.
  • Take the beginning of the rollertrap and wrap it to the first greenhouse pole at the concrete path. Walk slowly with the roll to the side, through which this rolls of.
  • Fold the (unglued) upper edge of the trap round the rope and fasten the rope by means of the clothes-peg, paperclip or staples.
  • Make, if necessary, the sticky trap heavier with for example a clothes-peg every 2-3 meter, so that the trap will hang straight.
  • Go on like this up to the gable (end) (or up to the end of the rope). Cut the trap approximately 40 cm longer than the last greenhouse pole. Wrap the end of the rope to the last greenhouse pole and fasten it to the end of the string.
  • The same procedure counts if the rollertrap will be hung up along the gable.

Replacement period
There is always a risk of the adhesive foil strip breaking. It is advisable to replace the Rollertrap strip after five months.

Before hanging up, make sure the rollertraps are at least at room temperature. Then the glue is softer and the traps will unroll easier.

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