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The Lady bug, or Asian Lady Beetle appears in mass numbers in the late fall and early winter, swarming homes and garages for warmth. Once lady bugs have established residence in your home, there is little that can be done to treat them aside from vacuuming them up. That is why it is important to begin control in the early Fall, before the lady bugs have a chance to enter your home.

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What do Lady bugs look like?

The lady bug is oval-shaped with a convex body, about 1/4-inch long, and pale yellow-orange to dark orange-red with black markings.

Ladybug Behavior

The lady bug usually appears in mass numbers in late fall or winter, flying or crawling inside a home or garage. This congregating behavior begins in mid October and is initiated by the first cold weather day that is followed by slightly warmer temperatures. During this warmer period, lady bugs begin gathering by hundreds of thousands around homes and outside tall, light-colored buildings where they may appear first on the southwest side facing wooded areas.

Ladybug Infestation Prevention Measures

Once lady bugs establish residence inside your home, there is little that can be done to treat them aside from vacuuming up those that are visible. The better option is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. We recommend a control program that begins the first week in October while lady bugs are just beginning to congregate and before they enter your home. A combination of the following preventative treatments will work best.

  • Perimeter Treatments - Using a perimeter treatment on the outside and inside of your home in early October creates a pesticide barrier to control lady bugs and will prevent them from entering. Demand CS and Suspend are both excellent perimeter products that leave a long lasting residue. Spray Demand or Suspend in a continuous band around the entire perimeter, including attic vents, eaves, windows, doors, siding, and any other possible points of entry.  To assure lasting control of lady bugs and other similar pests, repeat treatment using a garden sprayer such as the Chapin Premier every couple of months throughout fall and winter.

  • Wall Void Treatments- Apply Delta Dust using a hand duster into wall voids, under baseboards, around electrical outlets and switch plate covers, and inside plumbing openings as a secondary form of perimeter control to keep lady bugs out.

  • Sealing Entry Points- For added protection, you can "seal out" lady bugs and other similar pests to a large degree by caulking cracks around utility openings, fixing broken doors and window screens, plugging cracks in siding or roofing, and performing other similar exclusion activities.

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