Planter Boxes

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Pennington Natural Cedar Succulent Planter Box
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A simple yet convenient way of growing and displaying plants and flowers in any outdoor living area.

Pennington Dark Flame Wood Tapered Planter 16 in.
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A planter box with a 16-inch dark flame wood tapered for flower or plant arrangements for indoor or outdoor areas of the home.

Pennington Rustic Planter Box Heartwood
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A planter box that that is sturdy wood planter for ornamental flowers or edible plants indoors and outdoors.

Savannah Planter
Multiple sizes available
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A colonial planter that is self watering and ideal for flower or plant arrangements in front homes or patios.

Pennington Dark Flame Wood Square Planter Box 16 in.
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A planter box in a 16-inch square with dark flame wood for flower or plant arrangements for indoor and outdoor areas.

Savannah LED Planter - White
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Out of Stock
A planter with LED lights with a slow feeding reservoir for flowers or plants for any area around the home.


Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are perfect for container gardening, and can bring style to your outdoor space. The shape helps to complement your home and makes a good contrast to traditional round planters, and can help you grow a fantastic garden in a small space.

Planter boxes can be square or rectangular, and are often used to grow vegetables. They are perfect for container gardening, and can help you grow a thriving garden without taking up a lot of space, which is good for balconies and patios. You can even combine planter boxes with trellises and poles to grow climbing plants and vegetables, which economizes even more space and allows you to widen the scope of plants you can use.

When choosing a planter box, pick one large enough to hold the plants when they are full grown, not when they are still small. They must have good drainage (holes at the bottom) and should be deep enough to encourage and support root growth. If you’re going to be moving your plants around to get the maximum amount of sunlight, put the planters on rolling platforms or install casters for easy mobility of heavy planter boxes.

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