Wicker & Rattan Planters

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Wicker and Rattan Planters

Wicker and rattan planters offer a beautiful option for container plants, marrying form and function for a great planter solution. This type of planter is a stylish choice, but won’t detract from the natural beauty of your plants.

When choosing the right planter for your outdoor space, start by choosing the plants you want to grow. Once you’ve chosen plant, choose a planter big enough to accommodate your plant, keeping in mind that it will need adequate room for the roots to grow. 

Wicker and rattan have natural gaps in their design, so putting a plastic liner in the bottom will help prevent soil from leaking out the bottom. The materials of these planters may vary, made of natural wicker, plastic, or resin, so just choose carefully based on what you’d rather have. Natural materials may degrade and decay over time, but offer a unique look. Plastic and resin may last longer but might not give you the style you want.

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