Portable Garden Beds

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Grow Up Deluxe Hydrogarden Unit
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Hydroponic gardening has never been so simple. Grow your own vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs.

My Garden Post Vertical Growing System With Drip Irrigation
Multiple sizes available
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A vertical planter garden system with an automatic drip irrigation for flowers and plants in and around the home.

English Composting Garden
Multiple sizes available
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A decorative vertical planter which features an interior composting chamber.

English Composting Garden (3 Pack)
Multiple sizes available
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A decorative vertical planter that has an interior composting chamber which converts biodegradable material into compost and drain holes to prevent root rot.

Garden Wizard Elevated Garden
Multiple sizes available
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A portable garden bed that is self watering and on 4 plastic legs and no more weeds! Comes in 3 colors!

Savannah LED Planter - White
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Out of Stock
A planter with LED lights with a slow feeding reservoir for flowers or plants for any area around the home.

Garden Wizard Elevated Garden Complete
Out of Stock
An elevated garden bed with a self-watering feature that includes a nylon bug net and vinyl green house.


Portable Garden Beds

Portable garden beds allow you to plant a flexible, mobile garden that is perfect for small spaces that can’t accommodate a traditional garden. From tall raised beds to stackable containers, you can grow the garden of your dreams wherever you have space.

Portable garden beds should be large enough to accommodate the plants you want to grow, but designed to fit where you need them. Often, a portable garden includes a non-traditional growing method, including compost gardens or hydroponic gardens, since they’re grown in smaller containers and can be easily grown in small spaces.

Apartments, condos, and rentals often make it difficult to grow an abundance of plants, since you might not have the space or the permission to plant on the land. Using a portable garden bed system, you can grow what you want, but move it if necessary, either to a new location or a new corner of your balcony or patio. This flexibility gives potential for you to grow the best garden wherever you want it.

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