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Monterey Liqui-Cop RTS

Monterey Liqui-Cop RTS is a ready-to-spray natural liquid product that can be used to prevent diseases on fruit and nut trees and citrus trees. It does not require additives to make it more effective, or to be diluted with water before use. Liqui-Cop RTS is very weatherproof and it can be combined with horticultural oils.  Completely cover plants with the fungicide to successfully prevent an infection.




Thoroughly spray tree or bush to the point of runoff, including upper and lower surfaces of any foliage. Do not overspray. Do not apply at less than 7 day intervals.

NOTE: This product may be reactive on metal and masonry surfaces such as galvanized roofing. AVOID contact with metal surfaces. Do not spray on cars, houses, lawn furniture, etc.


Shake Container Well Before Getting Started.

The sprayer attached to the container is ready-to-use. Simply attach to your garden hose and follow these instructions.

  1. Connect sprayer to hose.
  2. Turn on water.
  3. To begin spraying, point nozzle in the direction you want to spray
  4. Bend plastic tab back and turn knob to ON position.
  5. Spray evenly to area to be treated. NOTE: LIQUI-COP RTS is a dark blue liquid. When the spray turns clear it is time to change to a new bottle of product.
  6. To stop spraying, turn knob to OFF position.
  7. Turn off water.
  8. Relieve water pressure by bending plastic tab back and turning knob to ON position until water slows to a drip. Then turn knob back to OFF position.
  9. Disconnect sprayer from hose.

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08/22/2014 Irina from Dandridge, Tn

QHow soon I can apply Bayer pesticide after treat my plants with Liqui-Cop RTS?

ACould you please tell us the name of the Bayer product you are wanting to apply so that we can better answer your question?

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08/22/2014 Irina from Dandridge, Tn

QProduct description said that can be used on ornamental plants. Can I spray this product over Laurel shrubs?
Can spray over Holy trees?


Liqui-Cop RTS is used to prevent diseases on fruit, nut, and citrus trees only.  We apologize for any confusion.  Could you please tell us what fungus you are trying to treat for and we can make a better product recommendation.

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05/12/2013 Kathy from Tuscaloosa, Al

QWhat amount of Liqui-Cop RTS should be used on a fruiting peach trees?

ALiqui-Cop RTS is not labeled for peach trees after fruiting. As a dormant spray you can apply between 2-4 Tbsp no later than 3 weeks prior to harvest. The specific amount varies to what you are treating for. Please see page 2 of the product label. If you have any further questions we recommend contacting Monterey Lawn & Garden at 559-499-2100.

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