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Make Em Move Tweetzilla Methyl Anthranilate Hazer

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Make Em Move Tweetzilla

This Make Em Move Tweetzilla is Make Em Move's most versatile machine with having a silent operation and a light haze. It can be used indoors and outdoors in public areas. For outdoor installations, it is recommended for an installation height of 8 feet and for indoor it is recommended for 6 feet. The Make Em Move Tweetzilla can be refilled by opening the cabinet door and removing the filler cap inside. Using a funnel will avoid overfilling.

To be used with Rejex-it Fog Force.

MEM's patented hazer technology turns liquid Methyl Anthranilate (MA) into an invisible haze. When MA nano-particles are inhaled by birds it irritates the receptors associated with taste and smell. The MA causes enough of an unpleasant reaction to make birds want to leave the area. It only takes a small amount of MA to provoke a reaction in birds. A single machine can clear birds from 1-2 acres. Geese are highly effected by MA and these machines can rid areas of acres from geese with absolutely no harm done to them.

On average, two ounces of MA solution per day are enough to keep birds away from approximately two acres of property, depending on the frequency and duration of disbursement.

Birds breathe up to 30 times faster when they fly.  In order to have success you MUST expose birds to MA when they are in flight entering and leaving the property.  This is why using static deterrents, such as reflectors and gels in conjunction with MA is recommended because these types of deterrents keep birds in flight – forcing them to fly through the haze more often.

When birds fly through and inhale the MA haze, they will experience an immediate disorientating reaction. Since the MA haze is virtually invisible, birds cannot figure out why they had an adverse reaction to flying over the property. Some birds may continue to scout the property to test if the site is still causing an unpleasant reaction. Over time and after several exposures to the MA haze, birds will begin to associate their negative reaction to the property itself and will stop returning to the area.  It is important to keep in mind that every location is different and results will vary.

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11/27/2013 Edward

QIs their any studies that this MA does not effect humans or have side effects?

AWe recommend that you speak to the manufacturer of the Move Em Move Tweetzilla for the answers to your questions. They make the product and will have all of the information on any studies that were performed on the product. They can be reached at 732-987-4551.

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