Mattress Safe Sofcover Superior Total Mattress Encasement - Full Plus+

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Mattress Safe Sofcover Superior Total Mattress Encasement - Full Plus+ encasement (9-15")
The Superior Mattress Encasements have been discontinued. Please see our replacement item - Mattress Safe Sofcover Ultimate Total Mattress Encasement.
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Mattress Safe Sofcover Superior Total Mattress Encasement - Full Plus+ (16-22 in) encasement (16-22")
This product has been discontinued. Please visit our Bed Bug Mattress Covers page for information and other products for Bed Bugs.
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Mattress Safe Sofcover Superior Total Mattress Encasement - Full Plus+
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Mattress Safe Sofcover Superior Total Mattress Encasement - Full Plus+ is a mattress protector that will protect infestation from bed bugs. It contains a zipper that is patented, called "Zipper with the Hook", that keeps bed bugs from spreading. It is fire retardant and waterproof. It is made from a soft and breathable fabric cover that is bite proof and impermeable to dust mites, bacteria, and mold. This encasement is bed bug certified, which means board certified entomologists have tested this encasement and bed bugs and dust mites cannot escape. This product is a great investment for your mattress because it will prevent the costs of having to replace pricey mattresses due to bed bug infestations. It is halfway waterproof on the sides, and fully on the top with a stretchy bottom. Made in the USA.

Choose from 2 different sizes: 9-15 inch depth or 16-22 inch depth. It will stretch and fit all size ranges.

Product Documents

Properly Installing Your Mattress and Box Spring:

Installation Only Takes a Few Easy Steps:
Installation should be done with a partner - Installing alone can stress the zipper end stops on each side.
• Starting at the head of the bed, unzip the encasement and gather the fabric to locate the bottom two end corners.
• Together with a partner, lift each side of the end of the mattress and rest it on your knee.
• Align and apply the end corners first to the end of the mattress on each side.
• Carefully slide the encasement, inch by inch, down the length of the mattress, avoiding stress on the zipper end stop.
• Align the corners of the cover with the corners of the mattress.
• Zip the cover all around the mattress and lock the “Zipper with the Hook”.
• Repeat these instructions for the box spring encasement (or you may lift the box spring to stand on its end and the encasement may be pulled down the length of the box spring).


Properly Measuring Your Mattress

It is important to properly measure your mattress and box spring. Mattress encasements are not returnable. Please use the following guidelines to measure correctly.

DepthDetermine the Depth of the Mattress and Box Spring
• Using a tape measure, determine the height, in inches, of the mattress.
• To measure the height of the mattress, measure from the bottom,
where it rests on the box spring, to the top of the mattress including any pillow top.
• Repeat for the box spring.



LengthDetermine the Size of the Mattress and Box Spring
Determine the length
• Measure the length, in inches, from the head of the mattress to the
foot of the mattress.
• Repeat for the box spring.
Determine the width
• Measure the width, in inches, of the mattress from side to side.
• Repeat for the box spring.


King box springs come in 1 complete piece or 2 long twin pieces. Please check your box spring before ordering. Measuring

Care Instructions:

Mattress Safe products are lightweight and as easy to launder as your sheets. For quick clean ups between washings, lightly vacuum or wipe the surface with a damp cloth. To launder, simply wash and dry in moderate temperature. Do not use bleach. Our protectors dry quickly (approximately 15 minutes in most dryers).

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05/23/2015 Eric from Menlo Park, Ca

QMattress Safe Superior Total Mattress Encasement Full Plus. What does the 16-22" mean?
Is the 16-22" the mattress depth or is it designed to cover an 11" mattress and a 9" boxspring together?

AThe range you see after a mattress size is not referencing the mattress and box spring together. You should never use one encasement for both, always the separate ones designed for each. The range is for mattresses that vary in height. While most people have a standard mattress that is anywhere in height between 8 and 13 inches, some have pillow top mattresses or other specialty ones that can be very thick and often people will put other egg crates and items on top of the mattress for extra softness or support. The 16-22 will stretch up to 22 inches in height to accommodate the larger beds. 

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