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I Maxx Pro WSP Termiticide bag (4 x 2.25 oz. pouches)
We no longer stock I Maxx Pro.  As an alternative we recommend using Adonis WSP, which is the same active ingredient for less money!
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I Maxx Pro WSP Termiticide

I MaxxPro is a generic for Premise 75 WP, with the same amount of active ingredient for much less cost. It is a non-repellent termiticide/insecticide that provides a protective barrier around residential and commercial structures for superior termite control, and excellent control of many ant species.

I MaxxPro (generic of Premise 75 WP) contains the active ingredient Imidacloprid and creates a protective barrier around your home and structure when used as directed on the label instructions. I MaxxPro allows ants and termites to move readily through treated soil because it was developed with non repellent characteristics. This product also has unique properties that allow it to bind to soil to help reduce movement while still allowing the active ingredient Imidacloprid to transfer throughout the entire colony. I MaxxPro is cost effective and a dynamic termiticide/insecticide making it the choice for superior termite and ant control around your home.

I Maxx Pro comes in 2.25oz water soluble pouches. Each packet makes 25 gallons of finished solution.

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    5 of 5 stars  I Maxx Pro
    By Michael in California, Maryland on 05/08/2011
    Verified Purchase

    Good product. It's my back up termiticide for Premise 75.

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02/15/2010 Steve

QOnce IMAXX PRO is treated on new construction slab home, how long does the initial treatment last?

AI Maxx Pro WSP will last for 5-6 years depending on soil type and the ground it is placed on.  It is usually a general rule to retreat every 5 years to make sure that your termite protection remains at a high level.

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05/22/2014 Mark

QCan I Maxx Pro WSP Termiticide be sprayed inside the house?

AI Maxx Pro WSP Termiticide is only labeled to be applied outdoors as treatment against wood boring pest. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

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04/16/2017 Junior from Kingston

QIs I Maxx Pro WSP Termiticide good to kill roaches?


I Maxx Pro WSP Termiticide is not labeled for roaches and should not be used for any pest other than termites and insects specifically outlined in its product label.

One of our roach control kits would be recommended for roach control. These professional kits includes non-staining, low odor concentrated insecticide for spraying the outside perimeter of the home and inside underneath appliances, behind cabinets, under toilets and sinks, etc. You'll also get Roach Bait Gel to help get rid of those roaches that like to hide. Baits can be applied up high in the kitchen in the corner of cabinets and in cracks and crevices in kitchens and bathrooms. The bait contains a slow-acting poison that attracts and kills feeding roaches, who also spread the bait to other roaches by contact or by sharing food. Finally, an Insect Growth Regulator is offered which will stop roaches from laying eggs, helping to halt the infestation. The combination of an IGR with roach bait is a highly effective roach control strategy that is widely used by pest control professionals. The insecticide must be applied with a 1 gallon pump sprayer.

Here is a link to a great article that really goes into depth in explaining a roach control program:


Here is a link to our roach control kits and sprays:

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02/19/2014 Ken from Vista, Ca

QWill the use of I Maxx Pro WSP Termiticide promote Tobacco Mosaic Virus in my gardens adjacent to the structure?
TBV affects all plants in the Solanacae family, such as tomatoes, peppers, etc.

AAs the product label of I Maxx Pro WSP Termiticide does not indicate the information you are seeking, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer for additional information. They can be reached at 800.888.4897.

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