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Micora Fungicide

Micora Fungicide offers a fast and vigorous protection to plants from a variety of diseases, including oomycete. It has a LOK + FLO technology that helps in providing immediate contact protection to the plants by locking the leaf surface then slowly flowing into the leaf for full and long lasting coverage. This fungicide provides control to most foliar oomycete pathogens present in ornamentals that grow in greenhouses and nurseries. It's also great to use for vegetable plants that are grown for resale. A short 4 hour re-entry interval enables the grower to not lose any labor and improve time efficiency. Micora can be applied by using spray to allow the fungicide to work for an extended period of time in controlling mildew diseases present on plants and drench to provide protection for crops against root rots and phytophthora crowns.

Ornamental Use Directions:

Application Instructions:

Foliar application

  • Do not apply greater than 8 fl. oz. Micora/A in a single application or apply product in less than 50 gal./A.
  • For all field, shade houses, and unenclosed hoop houses or greenhouses without permanent flooring, do not apply more than 32 fl. oz. of Micora/A/calendar year (0.52 lb. a.i./A/calendar year). Apply in sufficient water to achieve uniform coverage.
  • Do not make more than 2 consecutive applications of Micora before alternating to another effective non-Group 40 fungicide.

Aerial Application (Field-grown roses only)

  • Do not apply greater than 8 fl. oz. Micora/A in a single application or more than 32 fl. oz. of Micora/A/calendar year.
  • Thorough coverage is necessary to provide good disease control.
  • Apply in a minimum of 5 gallons of water per acre.
  • Avoid application under conditions when uniform coverage cannot be obtained or when excessive spray drift may occur.
  • Do not apply directly to humans or animals.
  • Do not apply through any ultra-low volume (ULV) spray system.

Drench Applications – Ornamentals

Prepare the Micora drench solution according to Table 1 below.

  • Apply enough drench solution to thoroughly wet the root zone of the plants without leaching through the container. For plants grown in flats or beds apply 1-2 tsp. of drench solution per sq. ft.
  • For plants grown in containers, refer to the suggested drench volumes listed below. For container sizes not listed, adjust volume appropriately.
  • Do not apply more than two Micora drench applications per crop per season.
  • Make no more than one drench application of Micora before switching to another effective non-Group 40 fungicide.

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