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Mossy Oak BioLogic Full Draw
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Mossy Oak BioLogic Full Draw is an affordable blend of New Zealand brassicas, wheat, clover and special grains that will germinate very fast and start working. It will quickly start attracting whitetail deer early in the season and late season brassicas will provide palatable and long lasting forage in the later months. This is perfect for pre hunting season planting and will attract deer throughout the season. Great product for the bow hunter. 2.25 lb plants 1/4 acre.

Comes in 2 sizes: 2.25 lb and 10 lb bags

Supported Species   Whitetail Deer
Northern Zone   Late Summer
Transitional Zone   Late Summer
Southern Zone   Fall
Coverage   10 lbs. per acre
Planting Depth   1/4 inch
Amount of Sunlight   6 hours or more
Soil pH   5.8 to 7.2
Fertilizer   350-400 lbs of 13-13-13
Protein   Up to 38%! The blend of small grains, clovers, and brassicas provide for a high level of nutrition and palatability throughout hunting season.
Nutrition   Averages 36% Crude Protein and over 80%TDN
Primary Usage   Very soon after germination. The forage wheat and annual clovers are extremely palatable during their first month of growth. The brassicas are best late season through the winter. However, may be consumed as fast as they grow.
Soil Type   Will grow in all soil types pending adequate soil moisture is available.
How to Plant   Full Draw is best planted by spreading the seed on a well-prepared seedbed at 10 lbs. per acre, then using a cultipacker to cover the seed. Broadcasting the seed on a well-prepared seedbed just prior to a rain also produces an excellent stand — the rain serves to bury the seed the appropriate depth (1/4 inch) and ensures adequate soil moisture for germination. Disking is not a recommended method of covering the seed — this would bury the seed too deep to allow germination.
When to Plant   Full Draw can be planted anytime after September 1st in the south, and as late as late October, as long as adequate soil moisture is available. In northern climates such as New York and Michigan, it should be planted at least 30 days before frost date, depending on available soil moisture.


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