Moultrie Deluxe ATV Spreader 12 Volt (MFH-ATV)


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Moultrie Deluxe ATV Spreader 12 Volt (MFH-ATV) spreader
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Moultrie Deluxe ATV Spreader 12 Volt (MFH-ATV)

Moultrie Deluxe ATV Spreader 12 Volt (MFH-ATV) is a multi-purpose feeder unit that attaches right on your ATV. Made out of rustproof and durable plastic hopper, this spreader provides easy and fast detaching of spreader bucket due to the built in quick release system. Different dispensing amounts are possible with the shut off gate that changes the opening size on the hopper. This spreader includes a heavy duty abrasion resistant deflector shield that is easily removable. Ratchet strap is included. Moultrie Deluxe ATV Spreader 12 Volt (MFH-ATV) is compatible with all ATV models due to the universal mounting brackets.

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10/07/2014 Jim from Omaha, Ne

QHow do you properly use the open and shut gate?
I mounted this spreader to the back of my zero turn mower. Do you have any suggestions on how to best operate the open/close gate


According to the Moultre Delux ATV Sprader 12 Volt manufacturer's manual, to set the dispensing gate you follow these steps:

1. Set the adjustment stop to the position in which you feel will provide the best coverage.

2. Turn on spreader and open the Feedgate.

3. Spread material for about 20 feet and then walk back to verify coverage.

4. Reposition Adjustment Stop as appropriate.
We recommend contacting Moultrie Feeders directly to troubleshoot if you need further assistance at 800-653-3334.

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