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Naprovit PRO Plus

Naprovit PRO Plus is a now a new Concentrated Formula and is non-toxic to humans, pets, food, and aquatic animals. But the best thing about this is that it kills flying insects on contact, easily controlling the insect population in any area. Naprovit PRO Plus has many other features as well, making this one of the best insecticides on the market. These features include: Low maintenance due to leaving no residue on or in any of the parts of the spraying system, from the tank to the nozzle; No residue on the sprayed surface; and is even odorless.

It is now a higher concentrated version of the original Naprovit PRO Plus which was sold in a gallon size.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Mix 64 ounces of Naprovit PRO Plus with 54.5 gallons of fresh water for distribution through misting system. For best results, do not over or under dilute.



Automatic Misting System Dilution Table

Tank Size (gallons) Ounces of Naprovit PRO Plus Misted Concentration
20 23 0.91%
35 41 0.91%
55 64 0.91%
125 145 0.91%

For partial tank refills: add 1.2 ounces of Naprovit PRO Plus for each gallon of the tank to be filled. Fill tank with water first, then add product to minimize foaming.

There is no need to remove people or animals prior to application or disbursement of properly diluted product. Food processing operations do not need to be interrupted when applying. No precautions necessary when misting in the presence of food or drink; however, direct application should be avoided.

RECOMMENDED MISTING PATTERN to control mosquitoes and other flying insects:

  • Minimum 5 times per day in the evening
  • Minimum 30 second misting
  • 45 minutes between mists
  • Start cycle 30 minutes before dusk

Indoor use:

If misting nozzles are present in indoor areas, no special precautions are required prior to misting appropriately diluted product. Product may also be applied in hand-held sprayers, maintaining the same product/water ratio as forpartial tank refills listed above: 1.2 ounces of product yields one ready-to-use gallon.

May be safely applied to all structures, livestock, ponds, shrubs, fruit trees, shade trees, homes, barns, stables, vehicles, and more. Safe for application on or around livestock and domestic animals.

OUTDOOR AREAS FOR USE: amphitheaters, animal shelters, amusement parks, athleticc fields, back yards, barns, boardwalks, campgrounds, circuses, compost heaps, concesion stands, construction sites, corrals, country clubs, day care facilities, docks, dog houses, dumpsters, fairgrounds, feedlots, gardens, gazebos, golf courses, gun ranges, kennels, landfills, manure piles, marinas, parks, patios, playgrounds, restaurants, stables, stadiums, tool sheds, zoos.

INDOOR AREAS FOR USE: animal shelters, attics, bakeries, barns, boat houses, cafeterias, canneries, concession stands, day care, dog houses, factories, food processing plants, fruit packing, garages, grain elevators, kennels, kitchens, locker rooms, meat packing, mess halls, mobile homes, poultry houses, restaurants, schools, ship holds, stables, tool sheds, warehouses.

Why are misting systems professionals switching to Naprovit PRO Plus?

  • No stickiness on eaves or windows
  • No residue on bottom of tank, so less maintenance
  • Keeps lines, nozzlees and filters clean, so les maintenance
  • Doesn't degrade equipment

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    5 of 5 stars  Naprovit PRO Plus
    By Steve in Emory, TX on 06/06/2016

    Prior to using this product, I uses synthetic pesticides in my home misting service. The synthetic products worked well and killed a lot of bugs....probably a lot of beneficial ones too. Another downside of synthetics is that they tend to coagulate in the tank and interfere with the misting nozzles. After about a month using Naprovit PRO the flies, spiders, mosquitoes etc. seem to be gone and the misters are putting out a really fine mist. I'm very pleased with this product and intend to continue to use it.

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    2 of 5 stars  Naprovit PRO Plus
    By Steven in Emory, TX on 06/29/2016

    I wrote the original recommendation for this product and, now that I have used it for a longer time, it seems that it works for small flying insects, gnats and the like, but doesn't do much with larger pests and spiders. Don't think I'll continue using it as some of the other chemical insecticides seem to be better.

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02/21/2017 Alex from Florida

QCan Naprovit PRO Plus be used for a misting system on a boat dock?


Yes, you can safely use†Naqprovit PRO Plus in a misting system application on a boat dock.† It is not harmful to fish or any other aquatic life.†

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05/28/2014 Tim from Naples, Fl

QCan Naprovit PRO Plus be used in a tankless misting system?

ANaprovit PRO Plus can be applied in a hand held sprayer at 1.2 fl oz per gallon of water per the product label.

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10/02/2017 David from Longs, Sc

QCan Naprovit PRO Plus be used in automatic misting machines?


Yes,†Naprovit PRO Plus†is specifically designed for use in automatic misting systems.

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