Natural Ant Repellent

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Mosquito Barrier
4 out of 5 stars (54)
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A all-natural repellent for Mosquitoes, Ticks and Fleas in a liquid garlic based formula and also repel gnats and fire ants off the turf.

Bonide Mosquito Beater Natural RTS
5 out of 5 stars (1)
Multiple sizes available
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A natural insecticide that is residual and repels mosquitoes, gnats, flies and other insects for up to 2 weeks on lawns and gardens.

Nature-Cide Pest Management Industrial Concentrate
5 out of 5 stars (3)
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A 100% all-natural insecticide that is industrial strength concentrate that kills and repels indoor and outdoor insects.

EcoVia IB Insect Bloks
5 out of 5 stars (1)
Multiple sizes available
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The insect bloks contain a blend of powerful botanical insecticide oils in an innovative pleasantly scented block form. Perfect for small fly control and repellency in food areas.

Nature-Cide Outdoor Insecticide-Pesticide-Repellent
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A 100% all-natural insecticide to repel against outdoor insects, rodents and snakes for the lawn or garden.


Ants are never welcome visitors in the home. Even if you only see the occasional ant in your kitchen, you’ll want to keep them away from your home using the best and safest method available. Natural ant repellents can be powerful tools in keeping your home ant free. Continue reading below the products on this page to learn more.

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Choosing and Using a Natural Ant Repellent

Natural insecticides are often botanically based, meaning their active ingredients are derived from plants. In the case of repellents, they’re almost always based on an essential oil. Cedar oil, citronella oil, cinnamon oil, and mint oils are used most often. Look for products containing at least 5-10% concentrations of one of these ingredients, or an equivalent combination. These products will definitely repel ants, as well as other crawling insects. Try products like:

  • EcoTreat Natural Outdoor Insect Control
    This product has a 90% concentration of cedar oil, making it a powerful repellent that doesn’t require any evacuation or wait before or after application. It’s safe to use this product anywhere outdoors and around pets and kids. Use this product to create a barrier around your home and yard to keep ants and other insects at bay. Using it at regular intervals can limit access to your home.
  • BioDefense Indoor Insecticide
    BioDefense contains a 10% concentration of cedar oil, able to be sprayed anywhere indoors. It kills a variety of insects on contact and keeps working to repel from where ever you’ve sprayed it. It is completely safe to use in food-preparation areas – hot spots for ants – and is totally safe for children and pets.
  • Mosquito Barrier
    This product is not just for repellening mosquitoes naturally, but is also an effective natural ant repellent. 

Tips For Using Natural Ant Repellents

Almost any conventional insecticide acts as a repellent to ants, which is why it is not advised to spray any insecticide – conventional or natural – when using ant baits as a form of control since they’ll avoid that area. Don’t consider repellents as a sole form of control for ants. The repellents don’t have any affect on the entire colony, so the ants will still be around. There are, however, a lot of natural ant killing products, like natural baits, to aid you in your natural ant-killing crusade. 

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