New Serrico Beetle Trap


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New Serrico Beetle Trap box (10 traps)

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New Serrico Beetle Trap
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New Serrico Beetle Trap uses a combination of pheromone lures and food attractants to monitor cigarette beetles. The shape and sticker are designed specially to detect the presence of cigarette beetles early. Using the New Serrico Beetle Trap as a monitoring tool helps to show when adults are prevalent during the season and where the are distributed in your facility.

The traps do not contain insecticides or harmful materials making them safe for both people and animals.

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Hang the traps on the wall or the suitable location. Desirable placement of New Serrico Beetle Trap is 5ft high above the floor, and 15-30ft apart. Place the traps away from manufacturing lines so as to avoid attracting adults that could contaminate the products. Traps should be placed at more than 30-45ft away from entrance to avoid attracting adults that are living out doors.


The shelf life of the New Serrico Beetle Trap is one year after the manufacturing date. Its useful life is one month after the trap is set up. Keep the trap in a dark place at 50 to 104 degrees F. Storing the lures in a refrigerator or freezer will cause them to deteriorate.

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07/10/2015 Shamal from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

QWhat is the pack size and price for the New Serrico Beetle Traps?


A box of New Serrico Beetle Traps contains 10 traps and the current price is $99.50/box. Please let us know if you need anything else or if you would like to place an order.


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