NoSurvivor Cigarette Beetle Kit


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NoSurvivor Cigarette Beetle Kit box (10 traps & lures)

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NoSurvivor Cigarette Beetle Kit

NoSurvivor Cigarette Beetle Kit utilizes the best lure on the market to attract damaging male cigarette beetles into a hanging trap. This kit contains 10 traps and 10 pheromone lures in an easy to use format. Simply remove the lure from its package and lay it on its side anywhere on the inside of the sticky trap. Hang it up close to areas that the beetles are suspecting to be and it will immediately begin to work. The pheromone traps will help you capture beetles and locate sources of infestation.

The NoSurvivor kit for cigarette beetles offers a great way to monitor and locate sources of infestation for this damaging pest. The Cigarette Beetle is worldwide in distribution. It is also called the Tobacco Beetle because of the damage it inflicts on stored tobacco (e.g. tobacco leaves, cigars, chewing tobacco, cigarettes). They can also be found in food storage areas and are know to chew through books, manuscripts, furniture fabrics and other organic materials.

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02/02/2015 Caryn from Jacksonville, Florida

QWhat is the square foot range for the NoSurvivor Cigarette Beetle Kit lure?
You recommend hanging these every 15 feet. What is the square foot range of effectiveness per each trap? And how long do they last before they need replacement? Thank you.

AEach trap  in the NoSurvivor Cigarette Beetle Kit covers 25-50 sq feet and should be replaced every 2 months. 

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09/05/2015 Alonzo

QDoes the NoSurvivor Cigarette Beetle Kit work for drugstore beetles as well?


The NoSurvivor Cigarette Beetle Kit only lists cigarette beetles. You could apply Pantry Pest Traps. We would also recommend using Cy Kick Aerosol. This product is to be applied to cracks and crevices like the voids behind and around kitchen cabinets and pantries. This product will help to kill larvae before they pupate and also beetles that have moved to cracks and crevices during the pupate stage.

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