OH2 Ornamental Herbicide


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OH2 Ornamental Herbicide

OH2 Ornamental Herbicide is a pre-emergent herbicide in a granular formulation which is very effective against hard to control broadleaf weeds and grasses including chickweed, spurge, oxalis, crabgrass, annual bluegrass, fireweed, and more. It features two active ingredients, Oxyfluorfen and Pendimethalin, a great combination that will help prevent and control weeds in container, field grown and landscape ornamentals. It is recommended to repeat application with approximately 3-month interval during the growing season if you're aiming for season-long control.


  • Apply to dry foliage only
  • Water in immediately to wash the particles off the plant foliage
  • Apply 2.3 lbs. product per 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Repeat application at 3-month intervals

Before each application, remove any existing weeds. Apply product with a properly calibrated rotary spreader that will assure accurate, even particle distribution. Product can also be applied by aerial equipment.

Apply to dry foliage only. To test for moisture, rub hands over plant foliage. Water in with 1/2-1 inch immediately after application to wash the particles off the plant foliage and to activate the herbicide.

For season-long weed control, repeat applications are required at approximately 3-month intervals during the growing season.

The maximum application is 6 lbs/season at 2 lbs ai/acre/application.


POTTED LINERS: Remove established weeds from liners prior to transplanting into containers. Following planting and prior to chemical application, irrigate with approximately 1/2 inch of water to firm potting media around root systems. After two regular waterings and foliage has dried, broadcast product evenly over the container growing area. Water in with 1/2 to 1 inch immediately after application.
BARE-ROOT LINERS: Remove established weeds before herbicide application. Broadcast product evenly over the container growing area 3-4 weeks after potting. Water in with 1/2 to 1 inch immediately after application.


Apply immediately after planting or prior to weed seed germination following complete weed removal. Before application the soil should be loosened by light cultivation.
Water the product in with 1/2 to 1 inch immediately after ­application.

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