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OHP Biathlon Ornamental Herbicide

OHP Biathlon Ornamental Herbicide is a granular pre-emergent herbicide that helps control weeds in grounds maintenance, container and field ornamentals, conifers and Christmas trees, and other non-crop areas as specified on the label. For best results, it should be applied before weeds emerge. It contains Oxyfluorfen and Prodiamine as the active ingredients, and it works by creating a barrier in the soil and remains active for several months. It inhibits cell division and disrupts cell wall formation in the roots and shoots of developing seedling weeds.

Biathlon provides control of a wide range of problem grass and broadleaf weeds by creating a barrier in the soil and is active for several months. Biathlon works by inhibiting cell division and disrupting cell wall formation in shoots and roots of emerging seedling weeds. Users should irrigate before Biathlon application with ½" water to ensure firm soil or media around the root system. After application, Biathlon should be applied when rain is soon forecasted or watered-in with approximately ½" of water. Biathlon should be broadcast evenly over media for maximum performance. To prevent weed escapes, do not disturb the soil or media in Biathlon treated areas; this will disrupt the barrier necessary for successful weed control.

Biathlon has shown excellent plant tolerance on a wide variety of ornamentals. Please consult the label for a full list. Crops not listed as tolerant to Biathlon should be evaluated on a small scale for 30-60 days after application for herbicidal injury prior to widespread application.

Do not apply to wet foliage. Biathlon is a pre-emergent herbicide and will not control established weeds. Biathlon is not labeled for use on vegetable or edible fruit crops, turf, and bedding plants or flowering crops, except as listed in the grounds maintenance section of the label. Avoid application to plants that can channel herbicide to the leaf base (i.e. yucca, dracaena, daylily, hosta etc.). See label for additional restrictions and precautions.

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