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OHP Chipco 26019 N/G Fungicide

OHP Chipco 26019 N/G Fungicide is an effective fungicide that will help prevent and control diseases on ornamentals grown in field or container nurseries, conifer nurseries, greenhouses, and in landscape settings. It contains Iprodione as its active ingredient and it provides excellent contact protection against fungal spores and the growth of fungal mycelium. It’s safe to use on a wide range of foliage and flowering plants and it may be applied as a drench, dip, or foliar spray. This product is available in a 2-pound container in a wettable powder formulation.




OHP CHIPCO 26019 N/G is a broad spectrum fungicide that may be applied safely to a wide range of ornamental flowering and foliage plants, either as a foliar spray, drench or dip.


First prepare a suspension of OHP CHIPCO 26019 N/G in a mix tank. Fill tank with 1/2 to 3/4 the desired amount of water. Start mechanical or hydraulic agitation. Add the required amount of OHP CHIPCO 26019 N/G, and then the remaining volume of water. (Suspension concentrations using the appropriate dosage per acre recommended on this label of OHP CHIPCO 26019 N/G per 1 to 4 gallons of water are recommended) Then set sprinkler to deliver 0.1 to 0.3 inch of water per acre. Start sprinkler and uniformly inject the suspension of OHP CHIPCO 26019 N/G into the irrigation water line so as to deliver the desired rate per acre. The suspension of OHP CHIPCO 26019 N/G should be injected with a positive displacement pump into the main line ahead of a right angle turn to insure adequate mixing. If you should have any other questions about calibration, you should contact State Extension Service specialists, equipment manufacturers or other experts.

NOTE: When treatment with OHP CHIPCO 26019 N/G has been completed, further field irrigation over the treated area should be avoided for 24 to 48 hours to prevent washing the chemical off the crop.

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    5 of 5 stars  Stem rot in vinca plants
    By John in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania on 07/06/2015

    I only wish I had discovered this product before I lad lost a large portion of the plants I had planted the year before. ( 1400 plants ). Spraying my remaining plants with the 26019 fungicide curbed the spread of the disease. Plants the still had some signs of life were dug up, the roots were washed clean and the infected stems and roots were cut out. The plants were then soaked in a bath of the fungicide, re-potted with fresh potting soil and later returned to their original location. The Chipco 26019 is a great product that saved my bank of vinca.

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    Thank you for your helpful review! We are glad that you've had success!

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