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OHP Discus Tablets Insecticide jug (1200 tablets)
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OHP Discus Tablets Insecticide

OHP Discus Tablets Insecticide effectively reduces and helps control piercing, sucking and chewing insects that attack newly planted and established trees, shrubs, and ornamentals grown in greenhouses and nurseries. This insecticide contains Imidacloprid along with fertilizer in an easy to use tablet formula which will provide long-term residual control. It features an exceptional delivery system to the root zone to ensure improved plant health and extensive protection. It also has a fertilizer charge for additional uptake and enhanced plant quality. It contains 1,200 tablets in a wide-mouthed, resealable plastic container.

Discus Tablets FAQ’s

  1. What are Discus Tablets? Discus Tablets are a novel combination of imidacloprid plus fertilizer combined in a tablet form to deliver long term control of piercing, sucking, and some chewing insects on high value plants.
  2. How  much fertilizer is in Discus Tablets? They contain (12-9-4) N-P-K plus trace micronutrients.
  3. Why is fertilizer included? The imidacloprid is formulated with the fertilizer because research has shown more rapid uptake of imidacloprid with fertilizer.
  4. Will this supply all of the plant’s nutrient needs or should I continue with my normal fertilizer program? While the fertilizer in the tablets will supply nutrients to the plant it will not be a significant portion of the plant nutrient  needs. Growers should continue with their normal fertility practices.
  5. Sincethey are called Discus Tablets, do they contain cyfluthrin as in Discus N/G? No, the Discus name indicates a combination of imidacloprid plus another component-Discus N/G is a novel combination of imidacloprid + cyfluthrin, Discus Tablets are a novel combination of imidacloprid plus fertilizer.
  6. What use sites are on the Discus Tablets label? Discus Tablets are labeled for use in greenhouse and field and container nursery applications.
  7. How long can I expect control of piercing, sucking, and some chewing insects? Breakdown and release of the tablet is dependent on moisture and soil temperatures, but  activity generally begins within two weeks.
  8. How long will Discus Tablets control? Field tests have demonstrated control lasting 1 to 2 years.
  9. On which crops should I use Discus Tablets? On any higher value plant material that will benefit from long term control of piercing, sucking, and some chewing insects and in cases where the grower wants to reduce labor and increase plant quality by avoiding insect damage.
  10. How many  tablets  do I use? The greenhouse and nursery container crop rates start at 1 tablet for a 1 gallon pot up to 5 to 7 tablets for a 10 gallon pot. For field grown crops, see the label for specific rates.
  11. When do I apply Discus Tablets?  Discus Tablets can be applied anytime. The most efficient method is to incorporate them during initial potting or  shifting up to a larger container.
  12. How will Discus Tablets be packaged? They are packaged in a 1,200 tablet, wide-mouthed, resealable plastic container.

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